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A Greener Way of Working With Renton, WA Funeral Homes

The environment is on everyone’s mind, as we all strive to minimize our impact on the environment and find a more conscious way of everyday life. That extends to working with Renton, WA funeral homes, as more of our clients ask for green-conscious memorials and funerals for their loved ones. At Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory, we strive to meet our clients’ needs, so here’s how we’re incorporating environmentally-friendly traditions into our offerings.

New Takes on the Funeral Procession

The traditional funeral procession is a dramatic statement about how many people knew and cared about the deceased – often involving a mile of cars a mile long. But while this is an impressive opening to the funeral, it also means a lot of car fumes. That’s why people are looking into alternative vehicles for the funeral procession, ranging from electric cars with low emissions to horse-drawn carriages for an old-fashioned twist. You get all the dramatic flair of the traditional procession while making a statement for the earth.

Green Takes on Cremation

If you and your family opts for cremation over burial, it doesn’t need to include the powerful cremator oven if you want to avoid the emissions. The new process known as Aquamation uses an alkaline-based solution to accelerate the natural process of decay and reduce the remains to bone ash in under a day.

Post-cremation, environmentally-friendly methods for memorialization include biodegradable urns that will release seeds when planted and transform the remains into an impressive tree.

Fundraising for a Good Cause

Many clients choose to use their online memorial page to raise money, either for funeral costs or a charity near and dear to the deceased. Many environmental charities are seeing fundraising partnerships, and a link on your page can raise money for the environment or endangered animals, among other causes. If you’re not seeking gifts or flowers from mourners, asking them to donate in the name of the deceased is an appealing alternative.

Natural Arrangements

While the flower arrangement is a classic part of any funeral or memorial service, an eco-friendly alternative gives all the benefits with the added plus of a living tribute. Alternative arrangements like flowering shrubs can be placed at the grave or memorial still alive in their pots, adding beauty and grace to the ceremony. They can then be planted either at the graveside or another location.

Natural Burials

If you choose a traditional earth burial for your loved one, you can minimize the impact on the environment by choosing coffins made from recycled wood. These coffins are designed from pre-used wood but then varnished or painted to make them indistinguishable from traditional coffins. If your loved one was a tree-lover, they would appreciate the fact that their final resting place made good second use of one.

Do these options appeal to you for a green funeral service and memorial at Renton, WA funeral homes? If so, contact Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory for more information or to set up a consultation today.

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Creative Uses for Ashes After Cremation Services in Seattle, WA

One of the advantages of choosing cremation services in Seattle, WA is that you and your family have more options for honoring your loved one. While our staff is available to plan a full memorial, we also offer a basic cremation package that is ideal for those who want to handle a personal memorial at home or at a meaningful location.

Whether you choose traditional cremation in our powerful cremator or the eco-friendly Aquamation ashes, cremation ashes are sterile and safe and can be used in many creative ways. In this article, we’ll look at some unique ways these ashes can be used to celebrate your loved one’s life and passions.

Ink and Paint

If your loved one was artistic in life, they can continue to help those closest to them create after their passing. Cremation ashes can be mixed into art or ink and be used to paint a tribute or write a letter or a sheet of music. Ashes are neutral in color and won’t affect the texture of paint or ink if mixed smoothly.

An Eternal Tribute

One of the most popular options for cremation ashes is to have them made into jewelry, especially diamonds. We can put you in touch with a third-party jewelry company that takes cremation ashes and compresses them into small diamonds. These near-indestructible stones will last and make an eye-catching piece of jewelry, eliminating the risk of an urn being spilled.

Out With a Bang

For those whose loved ones lived life on the wild side, there’s a more explosive option for honoring them. Third-party companies can create fireworks that incorporate cremation ashes, making it possible to turn the remains into a dazzling display. This is a perfect way to end a memorial service with a tribute that lights up the night sky.

Love on the Skin

Because cremation ashes are sterile, there is no risk to the skin from having them incorporated into tattoo ink. If you’re someone who likes skin art, it’s increasingly common to get a tattoo honoring a departed loved one. Some tattoo parlors can take cremation ashes and mix them into the ink used for the tattoo, creating a permanent and meaningful tribute.

A Towering Tribute

For our eco-friendly clients, there are few things more inspiring than a fast-growing tree. That’s why companies are now offering a line of biodegradable urns that incorporate the ashes into a container holding seeds. When planted, the urn slowly breaks down and the seeds are released, growing into a tree that incorporates the remains. For generations to come, loved ones will have a living reminder of their loved one.

These are only some of the creative options that can celebrate your loved one’s legacy, and when you choose Seattle, WA cremation services we’re happy to help you pull off the perfect memorial. Contact Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory to set up a consultation at our offices at 4567 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle, WA, 98118, or reach us on our website or by phone at (206) 722-1100.

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Benefits of Working With Funeral Homes in Seattle, WA

When planning a funeral or celebration of life, there are many things to keep in mind to make fond lasting memories. This can be overwhelming for a family dealing with grief, which is why funeral homes in Seattle, WA stand ready to support you in this difficult time and provide the professional experience you need for the perfect memorial. When you work with Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory, here are some of the benefits you’ll get.

Experienced Staff

A business is only as good as the people running it, and the point of entry for our business is our experienced funeral director. A funeral director’s dual responsibility is to provide comfort and compassion in a difficult time while also serving as a professional who knows the ins and outs of funeral planning. Our funeral director is backed up by a skilled team of technicians who prepare the body and run our crematory, ensuring your loved one is treated with the utmost respect.

Quality Products

Whether you choose burial or cremation, we believe your loved one’s final resting place should reflect the love you had for them. We offer a wide line of classic caskets coming in a variety of styles, and they serve as an ideal centerpiece for a dignified memorial. For those who choose cremation, we offer a catalog of artistic urns that can be inscribed for a personal touch and are ideal for a permanent place on your mantle.

Flexibility and a Personal Touch

Every life is unique, and we believe a funeral or memorial service should reflect that individuality. We’re happy to work with clients to develop personalized tributes that decorate the chapel, ranging from things as small as crafts made by the departed to as large as beloved motorcycles. For those who choose cremation, we can divide the ashes as the family desires, placing them in jewelry or vials for distribution among the loved ones.

Special Cases

At our funeral homes, we work with clients who have unique needs and want to customize their funerals. Our multilingual staff is ready to work with a diverse local base and incorporate cultural traditions into memorial services, and we’re a popular choice for those who want to bring their own effects to the memorial process.

Our staff is also well-versed in working with the military, and we can arrange military funerals that accommodate the standard and enhanced military details. We’ll obtain the military-issued headstone and burial flag without you having to deal with government red tape.

Green Options

Many clients who choose cremation are looking for a carbon-neutral option, and our Aquamation option is just as effective without the burning process. It uses an alkaline solution to reduce the body to bone ash without the powerful cremator. We also offer a line of green urns and caskets for those who want to lay a loved one to rest without impacting the environment.

If you’re looking for an assist in planning a burial or memorial service, Seattle, WA funeral homes can help. Contact Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory at our offices at 4567 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle, WA, 98118, or reach us on our website or by phone at (206) 722-1100.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation Services in Mercer Island, WA

Many people are choosing cremation as an alternative to traditional burial when planning or pre-planning funeral services. Some of the advantages of cremation services in Mercer Island, WA include savings on traditional burial and a smaller footprint that allows for creative uses of the remains. At Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory, our experienced funeral home director and staff are ready to answer your most commonly asked questions about cremation.

Can I Still Have a Funeral With Cremation?

Yes, our cremation packages include options for all the amenities that come with traditional burial. Before the body is cremated, we offer the change for the loved ones to visit, and after we’ll arrange a full memorial service according to your wishes. Cremation services can be as involved or as basic as you want, and our basic cremation package is an ideal choice for those who want professional care for the body but are planning a private memorial at home.

What Are the Advantages of Aquamation Versus Traditional Cremation?

Traditional cremation is done in a cremator, a powerful oven that burns the remains down to sterile bone ash. With an oven that goes up to 1,800 degrees fahrenheit, the process is done in under an hour. Aquamation is an alternative that uses an alkaline solution to break down the body and speed up the process of decay. While it takes longer – an average of two and a half hours – it produces the same result and has a lower carbon footprint for environmentally-minded clients.

Can I Have the Remains Buried or Interred?

For clients who have a family plot or crypt, a common concern when choosing cremation services is whether they can keep the family together. It’s common for cremation containers holding the ashes to be placed underground in a ceremony similar to a burial, or in an above-ground mausoleum. This offers the benefits of a fixed place to gather, but with a smaller space footprint and a lower cost.

What Are My Options for Storing the Remains?

If you choose to take the remains home, the most common option is a large centerpiece urn that can sit on a mantle as a way to keep your loved one close. The urns come in a wide selection of artistic designs and can be personalized with inscriptions. For those who want to divide the remains between multiple loved ones, we offer smaller urns or vials that can be worn on the person. We can also work with third-party companies to arrange for the ashes to be turned into jewelry.

Is It Safe and Legal to Scatter the Ashes?

Many clients want to scatter the remains at a place that was meaningful to the departed. We offer a selection of scattering urns to make this easier. Cremation ashes are sterile and can be safely scattered, and there are no laws governing the scattering, so any public place should be acceptable. If you have a private location in mind, consult with the owners first to arrange a scattering.

We’re happy to answer any other questions you might have at a consultation about cremation services in Mercer Island, WA. Contact us in person at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory at our offices at 4567 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle, WA, 98118, only a 15-minute drive from Mercer Island, or reach us on our website or by phone at (206) 722-1100.

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Planning a Veteran’s Funeral With Funeral Homes in Mercer Island, WA

When a veteran passes on, their families are often brought comfort by seeing how the military values their loved one’s service. A full military funeral is an inspiring thing, and when you work with funeral homes in Mercer Island, WA, we’ll work with the military to deliver an intimate but impressive memorial. At Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory, no detail is left unfinished when setting up a military funeral with honors.

What Is Included in a Military Funeral?

Every military funeral consists of the playing of Taps and the presentation of a folded United States Flag. This will be done by a military detail of at least two members of the Armed Forces, assigned as a funeral honors detail. At least one member of the detail will be from the branch that the deceased represented, and the level of honors will be determined by the veteran’s status. We can accomodate full military honors, a 7-person detail, and standard honors.

Who Is Eligible for a Military Funeral?

Every United States military veteran who served in combat or in peacetime is eligible for a military funeral if they were discharged in a way other than dishonorable. This includes former military members who completed a term of enlistment or required service, including those who were discharged due to injury or medical condition.

To establish veteran eligibility, we recommend obtaining a DD Form 214, which shows the date and status of the veteran’s discharge from the military. This form can be obtained from the National Records Center. Members of the Commissioned Officer Corps of the Public Health Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are also eligible.

What Does the Government Provide?

The government will provide a burial flag and a headstone free of charge for everyone eligible for a military funeral. Headstones will come inscribed with the name, lifespan, and details of service and come in granite and marble. Flat markers are also available in granite, marble, and bronze. The headstone or marker can be placed in a military cemetery free of charge or in a private cemetery by arrangement with the owners.

The burial flag provided by the government can be draped over the casket or accompany the urn for those who choose cremation. It will be presented to the next of kin or the person designated by the veteran.

Can I Personalize a Military Funeral?

Yes, and this is one of the big advantages of working with funeral homes rather than directly with the government. We can fuse the ceremony and respect of a military funeral with the personal touch you’re looking for. The wake and ceremony can include a customized tribute to the life you loved one lived before and after their time in the military, and conclude with the military honors that celebrate their contributions to the Armed Forces.

If you’re looking to plan a military funeral for a loved one or pre-plan your own honors, Mercer Island, WA funeral homes can help. Visit us at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory at our offices at 4567 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle, WA, 98118, only a 15-minute drive from Mercer Island, or reach us on our website or by phone at (206) 722-1100.

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How to Personalize Cremation Services in Renton, WA

If you’ve chosen cremation as an alternative to burial for your loved one or your future plans, we believe that cremation services can be as meaningful and personal as traditional burial. As Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory, we offer cremation services in Renton, WA that serve as the first step to you building your personal memorial. In this article, we’ll look at some of the unique ways you can celebrate a loved one’s life after cremation.

Cremation and Burial

If you or your family have a plot or family crypt, it’s possible to stay together even if you choose cremation. Once the remains are cremated and placed in a transport urn, they can be placed in a burial plot or family crypt next to other family members. This is a cost-effective and space-effective alternative that allows for all the amenities of a funeral without the purchase of a full casket and larger burial plot.

The Centerpiece Urn

The most common option for a resting place for cremation ashes is in a decorative urn. You’ll receive a sturdy transport urn after cremation before the memorial service, but we offer a wide assortment of decorative urns for permanent use. After the ashes are transferred into the urn, they make a striking centerpiece for a living room that always keeps the departed close in mind. For those who want a personal touch on the urn, we can arrange for a signature or inscription before delivery.

Split the Love

With large families or circles of friends, it’s common for people to decide to keep the cremation ashes with more than one person. A simple option is to divide the ashes into small urns to be taken home, but other options are available including small vials that can be carried around with each person, or lockets that can be worn as jewelry while holding a pinch of the ashes.

A unique option is to have a portion of the ashes made into a diamond through a third-party gem company. This creates a beautiful piece of jewelry that will provide a permanent and near-indestructible connection to the departed.

Scattering and Incorporation

For those who don’t want to keep the ashes at home, a popular choice is to scatter them at a meaningful location. Cremation ashes are sterile and safe to scatter, and there are no regulations on distributing them so scattering can be done at any public location. Private locations may be possible by consent of the property owner, and we can provide scattering urns for easy and safe disposal.

A creative option is to incorporate the ashes into something meaningful to the departed. Ashes have been mixed into paint or ink to write music, or blown out the exhaust of a motorcycle. There are no limits, and our staff can consult on how to set up your personalized tribute.

If you’re considering cremation services in Renton, WA, we can help you design a personal memorial. Set up a consultation at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory at our offices at 4567 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle, WA, 98118, only a 20-minute drive from Renton, or reach us on our website or by phone at (206) 722-1100.

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Pre-Planning Services With Funeral Homes in Renton, WA

Do you know the type of funeral or memorial service you want after the end? It’s a question we all think about, and when you work with funeral homes in Renton, WA we’re happy to help you pre-plan. At Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory, our experienced funeral director and staff are happy to explore the options with you to create the memorial that speaks to your life. Give your loved one the gift of a pre-planned celebration of life when you answer these simple questions.

Burial or Cremation?

The first question you’ll have to answer when preplanning your funeral is whether you want a traditional burial or if you prefer cremation. The advantage of burial is that your family will always have a fixed memorial location to gather. Cremation gives more flexibility to your family how they want to celebrate your life, including creative options like scattering the ashes or incorporating them into jewelry.

Both burial and cremation can be accompanied by traditional or unconventional funeral services held on-site at our chapel or at a location of your choice. We also offer direct cremation options for families that want to arrange their own memorial service.

Memorial Plans

If you want to arrange a memorial service or funeral through our funeral homes, we offer packages to customize the size and features. Whether you’re opting for burial or cremation, you’ll get the professional services of our staff to help arrange the service. This is especially important for pre-planned services, because our staff will have the plans on hand and will be able to take charge of carrying out your wishes with the input of your family members.

Visitation Plans

Both our burial and cremation plans allow for visitation for the closest family before the ceremony. The body is prepared and those involved in the service can spend some private time with the departed before the larger ceremony for the extended family and friends. If you want visitation as part of your memorial service, you can arrange the length and guest list as part of our pre-planning services.

Decision Proxies

When you pre-plan your funeral with us, we’ll make every effort to carry out your wishes to your exact specification. If any changes are necessary, such as a selected casket or urn not being available due to the time that’s passed, we’ll consult with your chosen proxy to find the closest alternative. The selection of your proxy is a key part of pre-planning and should be the family member or close friend you trust most to work with us to expedite your plans.

If you have any special requests, such as decorations or objects that have special meaning to you, we’re happy to incorporate them into the service. You can leave a note with those requests with both us and your chosen proxy.

Pre-planning with funeral homes in Renton, WA can give you and your family peace of mind that your wishes are being carried out. Visit us at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory at our offices at 4567 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle, WA, 98118, only a 20-minute drive from Renton, or reach us on our website or by phone at (206) 722-1100.

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Arranging Cremation Services in Seattle, WA

Cremation is gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional funerals because it’s a cost-effective option that gives the family of the departed more freedom on how to memorialize their loved one. If you’re considering cremation services in Seattle, WA, the staff at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory believes they should offer the same level of personalized attention as our funerals. Read on to learn how we can help you arrange cremation services combined with a perfect celebration of life.

How Is Cremation Performed?

After we take custody of the body, our staff of experienced crematory workers will prep the body for cremation. We offer visitation for those who want to pay tribute before the cremation process. The body is then placed in a cremator, a powerful oven that heats up to 1800 degrees fahrenheit and reduces the body down to sterile bone ash for easy storage in an urn or for scattering.

What is Aquamation?

Aquamation, or water cremation, is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cremation services that uses an alkaline solution to speed up the body’s decay. It takes longer than a traditional cremation, but the process can be accomplished in one day and results in the same bone ash at a fraction of the carbon footprint.

Funeral Services and Cremation

Our full-service cremation services package includes the services of our funeral director and staff and all the amenities of care for the remains you would get with a funeral. This includes a funeral service in our chapel or the staff and equipment you’ll need to put on a memorial service at a separate location. We also offer the option to witness the cremation for an additional fee, along with our fleet of limousines and a funeral coach for a procession.

For those who want a more modest service, we offer lower-cost options that don’t include visitation or have a smaller memorial service rather than a full funeral. Many of our clients wish to scatter the ashes or have a private memorial at home, so we offer a low-cost basic cremation option for those who want to receive the ashes immediately after cremation.

Cremation Vessels

After cremation, you’ll receive the ashes in a transport vessel before they’re placed in their final resting place. Some clients choose to have the ashes interred in a grave or family crypt, which we can arrange with local cemeteries. A common choice is an artistic urn which will serve as a centerpiece at home, and we offer a wide range of styles. For those who would like the ashes divided so many family members can keep the remains close, we offer a selection of jewelry and vials, along with transport urns for those who want to scatter the ashes.

If cremation services in Seattle, WA are right for memorializing your loved one, we can handle the process from beginning to end. Set up a consultation with Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory at our offices at 4567 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle, WA, 98118, or reach us on our website or by phone at (206) 722-1100.

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Options for Working with Funeral Homes in Seattle, Washington

If your family has recently experienced the death of a loved one, you don’t need to go through this difficult time alone. When planning a funeral and memorial service, working with funeral homes in Seattle, Washington can make it easier to put together a memorial that speaks to the life of the departed and gives comfort to those who love them. Let us take you through the funeral, burial, and cremation options we offer at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory.

Our Funeral Director

The funeral director is the point of contact for working with a funeral home, and we pride ourselves on professional and prompt service. We offer 24-7 service so we can handle emergencies that pop up any time of the day or year. When we get your call, we’ll arrange an interview, and we’ll handle all the paperwork and taking custody of the body so you can concentrate on saying goodbye in a manner that feels right.

Burial Services

We’re a full-service funeral home and we believe that your experience should be as comprehensive and stress-free as possible. When we get your call, we’ll take custody of the body and obtain the death certificate. Our skilled team of morticians will prepare the body for burial, with options for embalming or refrigeration per your preference and budget.

We offer packages that include on-site burial and funeral services, options for visitation, and direct burial packages for those who want an affordable burial and to hold a private memorial.

Funeral Packages

For our funeral services, we offer an on-site chapel capable of hosting a sizable memorial, and our funeral packages offer a deep discount for those who purchase their casket or cremation container through our facility. We also offer a la carte services for those who have pre-purchased a burial vessel, and we are happy to accommodate outside caskets or urns.

For those who don’t want a full funeral, we offer graveside services that will prepare the body and allow for a small memorial at the gravesite. Both services come with the use of our funeral coach as a hearse, which can be the center of a funeral procession.

Cremation Options

For those who have opted for cremation as an alternative to traditional burial, we offer a wide variety of cremation vessels so you can take your loved one’s remains home for a private memorial. If you want to host a memorial service after cremation, our cremation packages allow for a customized farewell with an equivalent guest list. We also offer direct cremation services for clients who want to host a private memorial or scatter the ashes at a meaningful location.

If you’re looking at Seattle, WA funeral homes to help you put together a funeral and memorial for your loved one, the first step is to set up a consultation. Contact Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory at our offices at 4567 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle, WA, 98118, or reach us on our website or by phone at (206) 722-1100.