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cremation services in Mercer Island, WA

Would You Appreciate Cremation Jewelry?

There are a variety of things you can do with remains after cremation services in Mercer Island, WA. One of the most popular things is to spread or scatter the ashes in a special location. Some people bury ashes in a smaller cemetery plot and there are families that also keep the remains in an urn at home. Cremation jewelry has become a popular option over the years and perhaps when a loved one passes away, it’s something you have considered. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you recognize whether or not that is the right fit for you.

Do You Wear Jewelry Regularly?

If you never leave the house without the perfect necklace for your outfit, wearing jewelry is second nature to you. You would very likely wear a piece of cremation jewelry to honor your loved one. If, on the other hand, you feel very awkward when you have any jewelry on and you very rarely even bother to put any on, it might not be a good fit for your personality.

Do You Want To Remain As Close To Your Loved One As Possible?cremation services

If you don’t like the idea of leaving your loved one behind in a cemetery or even scattered in a park, you might opt to keep them in an urn in your home. But if you want to keep them even closer to your heart, you can do so with cremation jewelry. This jewelry comes in many shapes and styles. The most common are pendants, hearts, and crosses that hold a little bit of ash. It’s likely that no one will know what you are wearing and you can wear something that looks nice and also holds a bit of your loved one close to you at all times.

Do Many Family Members Want Your Loved One?

If you are one of several sisters, let’s say, perhaps all of your siblings want some of your loved one for themselves. That’s certainly possible when you go with cremation. You can each choose a piece of cremation jewelry and your loved one can be split between all of you. Everyone gets something in their style and everyone gets to keep your loved one near them in a unique way.

These are just a few questions to ask yourself if you are considering jewelry for your loved one after cremation services in Mercer Island, WA. There are many different options and the professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory can show you some of them. Of course, you don’t have to make that purchase from us. You can get your jewelry anywhere and we would be happy to use it to split your loved one’s ashes among your family members. We’re here to help you honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit. If you want advice as to where to look for cremation jewelry in a certain style, we can help you with that as well. We’re by your side through this hard time.

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Funeral Homes Work For You

When you hire someone to paint your house, would they simply paint a color based on their own choosing? Of course not. As the homeowner, you get to choose the color. When you work with funeral homes in Mercer Island, WA, the relationship is similar. You are the client and they are working for you. They want you to be pleased with the end result and they will do what they can to make sure you are.

Of course, the funeral industry is much more serious than house painting. You are dealing with the loss of a life and you want to honor that loved one. It’s important that you know they are in good hands with the funeral home you choose. You want to make sure they are well cared for and are given the dignity and respect they deserve. The funeral home can assure you of that based on the services they provide, the facilities they allow you to tour, and the way they treat you and your family.

funeral service

When you start to go through packages and other items with the funeral home, you will see that they are there to satisfy your needs. They have basic packages put together to make getting everything you need easy. Some people just choose a package and that’s all they do. Everything they have to have is already included and it’s a simple way to take care of a loved one and understand prices without question.

While that’s always a valid way to go, there are others who want to change things, customize details, and put more into the services they are organizing for their loved ones. Funeral homes will certainly allow and even support that. As you make decisions, you will notice that the funeral home is there with options, ideas, suggestions, and even unique choices. But they will not make the decisions for you. They will help you by giving you information and ideas and then, once you make the choices, they will support those decisions and implement them for you.

The funeral home will take as many of the burdens for you as possible. They will set up the room, get everything prepared, and tear down at the end. They will care for your loved one, dress them, and prepare them for the services. They will give you the compassion you need and support you along the way. They are there to be at your service in any way you need it during a hard time.

You know you can get final services from funeral homes in Mercer Island, WA, but the professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory are truly there to work for you. It’s nice to know that whatever you need, they’ll help you with it. You are going through a hard time when you are organizing final services for a loved one and the funeral home professionals are going to be by your side through it all, helping you every step of the way for as long as you need them.

funeral homes in Renton, WA

Funeral Home Locations Matter

When you are looking through funeral homes in Renton, WA, your first concern may not be where the facilities are located. While it might not be the biggest priority on your list, you should definitely consider it within the grand scheme of things. Here are a few reasons why the location of the facilities matter.

Convenience For You

When you are working on final services, either for yourself or for a loved one who has passed away, it will probably mean several trips to the funeral home’s facilities. You will visit there to check things out initially, but you will also visit to look over packages, choose a room for services, and make other arrangements. It’s nice to have facilities that aren’t terribly out of your way. To get what you need, you are likely willing to drive a bit. But you also don’t have to want to go way out of your way every time to get things taken care of.

Ease For Guests

When you invite people to a funeral from out of town, or even those from the area, you want them to be able to attend without too many problems. For out of town guests, having facilities more centrally located so they are near hotels, restaurants, and other such things, is very nice. For those in the area, not having to go way too far out of the way is nice as well. You want your guests to be able to come and go and honor your loved one without issues.

Parking Concerns

You will want to keep an eye on the parking elements wherever you visit. Sometimes, based on location, parking is limited or restricted. You don’t want guests to have trouble finding a place to park or to have to walk a long ways because of parking issues. The facilities should have plenty of parking on-site to satisfy your needs. When you are talking to the professionals, ask them if they have services that run concurrently so you can think about parking for your guests among others that might be attending other things.

Resting Place Proximityfuneral home

If you are having a traditional service, you will want to think about where the funeral home is in proximity to the cemetery so you can process there without too much hassle. If you are having cremation and a memorial service, perhaps some of the guests will move on to an ash scattering that same day. Have a funeral home that is located close to the cemetery or other location is handy for you and guests.

When you are looking over options for funeral homes in Renton, WA, there are many things to consider, such as prices, the professionals in the building, the services offered, and, of course, the location. The experts at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory are here to help you with all of those details from start to finish. We want you to have just what you need for final services, whatever that might include for your loved one or yourself.

cremation services in Renton, WA

When You Have Decided On Cremation Services

It’s a nice idea to plan out your final services. Not only will it give you peace of mind about what’s going to happen when you pass on, but it will relieve your family members of the burden of guessing as to what you wanted. When you decide on cremation services in Renton, WA as your final disposition method, that’s a great start in the process. Here are some other things you will likely want to add to that decision.

The Type Of Cremation

Cremation can take place at two different times, basically. The timing of the cremation determines the type. With full cremation, you have a funeral first and then you are cremated. With direct cremation, you go directly into cremation after the paperwork is in order without any services beforehand. You can still have a memorial service or an ash scattering or something else after the cremation. It really just depends on whether you want the tradition of a full funeral first or not.

Memorial Service Details

If you decide on direct cremation, you may also want to think about what type of memorial service you want, if any. You can ask family to have a small, intimate service with just family and a few friends. You can have something opened to the public. You can just have an ash scattering. Or you can even have a celebration of life. While it’s a relief for family to know you want to be cremated, you can take things further and plan the memorial service to give them even more relief from planning.

Setting Plans Up With A Cremation Providercremation services

While telling your family you want to be cremated is enough to let them in on your wishes, you can actually get things in writing and figured out with a cremation provider. That way, all your family has to do is contact the funeral home and things are set into motion, just as you have them planned. You can plan out as much of the process as you want, even down to an urn of your choice, if you’d like.

Choose A Final Resting Place

After you have been cremated, your family will then have to figure out what to do with your remains. You can also leave those wishes behind and ask to be buried, spread in a certain place, or even kept in an urn on a mantel. It’s nice for family not to have to make that decision for you, either.

Making the decision for cremation services in Renton, WA is a great start to putting your plans in order. Once you contact Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory and start to put things into writing, we can help you figure out what options suit you and what you want to include in the process. We’re here to make sure you don’t leave anything important out. We can even give you advice about talking to your family and letting your plans be known to those you love.