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Reasons You May Need A Casket For Cremation Services

If you decide to go with cremation services in Bellevue, WA, your loved one’s body will be changes from its current form into an ash-like state. One of the reasons many people choose this avenue is to cut back on costs. They don’t have to worry about the burial costs, or even about buying a casket. However, there are some reasons that you might still want or even need a casket for your loved one. You can purchase a casket for some of these occasions and some professionals even allow casket rental for short-time use. Here are some reasons you might need a casket for your loved one, even in conjunction with cremation.

A Pre-Cremation Visitation

While the cremation process doesn’t require a casket, if you are going to have full cremation, that comes with a visitation service. Your loved one gets a visitation, much like one that you would have before a funeral, where family members and friends can view them. You will want a casket for that service so people can see them and get the closure they need over their death. They might also appreciate the chance to say a final goodbye directly to your loved one before the cremation process occurs.

Full Cremation With A Funeral

If you do go with a full cremation, you could have a visitation (or not), and you can also have a full funeral for your loved one prior to the cremation process. If you want your loved one’s body to be present at that funeral, which is customary, you will need a casket for their remains. Some people will purchase something special for their loved one or, you might have the option of renting a casket for that service. You would then turn that product back over to the funeral home when the service is over and your loved one moves on to cremation.

For Display At The Memorial

Even if you have your loved one cremated as part of a direct process, your family might be more comfortable seeing a casket at the memorial service, whether your loved one is inside or not. They might be able to get closure and understand that the person is cone when they see a casket at the front of the room instead of an urn. That’s always an option, if you want to have something like that at the memorial service.

For The Cremation Processcremation services in Bellevue, WA

There are special cremation containers, but you can also send certain caskets into cremation with your loved one if you are more comfortable with that. You can find something that works and that is unique so your loved one is inside something you appreciate and you know they would like as well.

When you work on cremation services in Bellevue, WA with the professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory, you can get details on what you need, and what you might want, for that process. If you need a casket, we’ll help with that.

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Avoid These Regrets When Choosing A Funeral Home

No one wants to have to choose a funeral home in Bellevue, WA because more often than not, it means that you have lost a loved one and you have to plan their final services. However, when the worst happens and someone in your family passes away, you want the right experts on the job to ensure that your loved one is cared for and that you don’t have regrets over your decisions later. Here are some of the regrets some people have when they choose a funeral home too quickly without looking into the details closely.

Having a Bad Location

Funeral homes are located in a number of different areas and you will want to take a look at that location and make sure it’s convenient for you. If you choose a funeral home without knowing their location, you might regret that choice later. They might be way out of your way and it could take a lot of time for you to travel back and forth to make plans. Or they might be located on the other side of the city from where your chosen cemetery is, which makes the drive between services a pain for everyone.

Getting Gouged On Prices

It’s important to look at the price lists of any funeral home you consider before you commit to using their services. They should be open and upfront about their pricing. If you don’t ask to see the prices, but agree to use their services, you could find yourself in money trouble later. They might charge prices that are way above the norm and you could feel like you are getting taken advantage of during your time of great need.

Realizing The Company Doesn’t Have The Services You Want

Another thing you have to do as you look into funeral homes is take a close look at their service options. A lot of them have similar services, but if there’s something specific you want, you have to make sure they have it. If you don’t look, you might find later on that the funeral home you are using doesn’t really have what you want and you have to settle for another service option just because that’s all that is available.

Finding Out Disreputable Informationfuneral homes in Bellevue, WA

You will want to look at funeral home websites, but also at reviews outside their websites so you can see what their reputation in the community is like. If you don’t look at that information, you may sign up with a certain funeral home only to find out later that their reputation is less than stellar.

You want nothing but the best for your loved one and it pays off to take some time to look into the funeral home options so you don’t have these, or other, regrets later on. Check the various options for a funeral home in Bellevue, WA, including the professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory and we are here to openly let you know what we have available for your family.

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What To Expect From Funeral Homes That Run Cremation Services

Most funeral homes today also have options for cremation services in Tukwila, WA because cremation is honorable and prevalent today. If you are going with cremation, you can have that process done with a crematory that only does cremation or you can choose a funeral home. There are many advantages to going for help with professionals who run funeral homes. Here are a few things you can expect from those experts.

Expert Knowledge On The Process

Even though funeral home professionals fun lots of different services, including funerals and burials, if they have cremation as one of their service options, they are going to be experts on that process as well. You can ensure that they know what they are doing and they can answer any question you have about cremation. They can give you a tour of their crematory and detail what is going to happen and how they put people through the identification process to give you peace of mind about the process as a whole.

Answers To Any Questions On Cremation

If you have questions about cremation, whether you are setting up a service right now or not, the professionals at the funeral home that also has the cremation option can answer them for you with ease. IF you are setting up a service, any question you have, all you have to do is ask and they will give you an answer in terms you can understand. You should never feel silly about asking questions, even if they feel basic. If you want to know something, they are there to help you with that.

Options For Further Services

While crematories provide the cremation process and nothing else, you can have a variety of other services with your funeral home. The cremation process will run much in the same manner, but you can also get a memorial service after that, or a variety of other things that you might want for your loved one. They have lots of options to consider and if you aren’t sure what you want, they can even offer ideas and suggestions that might sound good.

No Pressure To Make Decisions

cremation services in Tukwila, WAThe funeral home has funeral services as well as cremation, but they are not going to pressure you to decide one way or the other. They will help with the decision in that they will give you the information you need to have the right details in place in order to decide what’s best for your family. But they won’t decide anything for you or pressure you in any way.

Reassurance and Support

Above all else, the funeral homes that offer cremation services in Tukwila, WA are there to give you reassurance and support. You will feel peace of mind that cremation is just as honorable as a traditional funeral and that will help you understand that no matter what you decide, your loved one is honored. The professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory are here to support your choices.

funeral home in Tukwila, WA

Decorating A Grave After Funeral Services

When you have traditional services for a loved one with a funeral home in Tukwila, WA, it can take a lot out of you to make those plans. You want them to have a visitation, a funeral, and then a burial service. But you might want to continue to honor them after all of that is behind you. Perhaps you don’t feel right about leaving their grave blank, for example, and you want family and anyone else who sees the grave to know that your loved one is cared for deeply. Here are a few ways you can decorate their grave and some things to think about as you move forward with your own life while you remember them and how special they were to you.

Follow Cemetery Rules And Guidelines

The first thing you will want to do is make sure you know and understand the rules that the cemetery has in place when it comes to grave decorations. This is something you will want to read up on before you choose a cemetery to make sure you are okay with their regulations. But it’s also a good idea to go through the guidelines again before you decorate so you remember what all is allowed. Some cemeteries don’t allow you to lay things right on the grave because it’s just another thing the maintenance crew has to pick up. They might require vases next to the urn for flowers or something of that sort. Others might have certain timelines for decorating around their mowing schedule and so on. Know the rules so you can decorate in an accepted way.

Consider The Season

You might want to incorporate seasonal things into your decorating plans. For example, in the fall, consider a wreath with fall colors or flowers that feature reds and oranges. You might even bring some pumpkin-looking items or other harvest things. In the winter, perhaps red and green colors and Christmas décor would be nice. In the summer, flags and other things around the fourth of July can speak volumes. The season can help you decide what you want to do.

Look At The Weather

funeral homes in Tukwila, WAThe weather will also be a determining factor. You don’t want to lay flowers on the grave only to have it snow the next day. You don’t want to put a paper flag in the ground when it’s going to rain and disintegrate the paper. Let the weather guide when you decorate and what you bring as well.

Consider Your Loved One’s Style

As is true with the final services you had, you will want to consider your loved one’s personality and style so you can decorate in a way you know they would appreciate. If they were a fan of a certain color, for example, incorporate it. If they liked a certain season, make sure you have something up around those times. The professionals at funeral home in Tukwila, WA can help with more advice so call Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory at any time.