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cremation services near West Seattle, WA

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Being bereaved is a really an agonizing experience. Our company offers cremation services near West Seattle, WA to provide your needs in a courteous and efficient way. 

Because cremation is a practical and even extremely respectable technique, it has already gained acceptance among people of all religious backgrounds among Filipino-Chinese people. As you may be more flexible with where and when you have a funeral, cremation has grown to be a popular choice for many individuals. Before a cremation or at any other time, you may have a traditional funeral ceremony with or without the urn. The urn may be kept, the ashes may be dispersed, or the urn may be buried in a cemetery or columbarium where a memorial ceremony might well be held.  

Our cremation service company is ready to provide you with a meaningful ceremony All professional services are provided on site, including cremation. To everyone who seeks our service, we consistently and reliably provide support. Furthermore, to consistently uphold the integrity and ideals we have acquired throughout the duration of the firm, we specialize in providing warmth to our guests. We continuously innovate based on new developments and optimize for changes. 

As we understand that this is the toughest phase anyone could have, our company’s compassionate and knowledgeable staff can help you plan a cremation service for your loved one. In addition, we’ll carefully guide you through every decision you’ll have to make as we enlisted suggested cremation services for you to choose: traditional funeral service & cremation, simple funeral service & cremation, memorial service & cremation, visitation before cremation, and cremation & graveside inurnment service. 

cremation services West Seattle, WA

Each service has designated prices provided (ranging from $200 – $25,995) such as in basic services of funeral director, staff and overheard: conducting the arrangements conference, planning the funeral, consulting with family and clergy, shelter of remains, preparing and filing of necessary notices, obtaining necessary authorizations and permits, coordinating with the cemetery, crematory and other third parties. Extra services are also offered such as alkaline-hydrolysis upgrade, and witness cremation at any time other than 10 a.m., with prices ranging from $250 – $500. Customization and personalization of services can also be done, following four (4) steps: Step One – Disposition Type, Step Two – Care and transportation of remains, Step Three – Services & Ceremony, and Step Four – Merchandise. 

Your perception of the world and its meaning becomes distorted after losing a loved one. Although it is challenging, getting over this experience and sensation is not impossible. Saying your final goodbyes and pay respect in the right way is one of the things to do in order to get over the sadness of loss. Providing the service that you need at any time, visit our cremating services at West Seattle, WA and allow us to lend a hand in honoring the death of your loved one 

We will always be pleased to serve you. So, contact us or send us a message through email. We’ll get in touch with you immediately and 24/7. 

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Honoring our Loved Ones ‘Till Death

There is nothing more difficult than losing a loved one and then having to decide how to best bury them; It is indeed a tough moment. As it has been a tradition (especially for the Asian community – Filipino, Vietnamese, and Chinese) that whenever someone significant in our lives passed away, we uphold ceremonies to honor them.  Providing quality and compassionate service to the families in West Seattle, Washington. Our funeral home near West Seattle, WA offers a complete range of quality services – funeral services, burial, memorial services, and cremation – that may be tailored to meet the distinct, demands and traditions of your family. 

You may host a funeral ceremony in honor of your loved one whether you decide to bury them or cremate them. We are delighted to provide either a traditional funeral or a totally unique one. We will endeavor to meet your preferences, however many cultures and religion have unique funeral practices. We are pleased to support you and your family in any manner we can during this trying situation. A memorial service is also a moment to commemorate your loved one, just as a funeral service. This might take place right afterwards or weeks later, with or without an urn. What matters is that it establishes a time and place when family and friends may come together to support one another, exchange stories, and express their condolences.  

Cremation and burial are top services provided by the company. In fact, there are package and deal services provided, as we are being receptive to your needs. You may rely on the caring and experienced professionals at our funeral home company to assist you in organizing a special memorial for your loved one. Additionally, we’ll carefully walk you through all of the choices you’ll need to make at this rough phase. Any time of day or night, seven days a week, you are welcome to contact us for prompt help. You may also stop by our funeral home whenever it’s convenient for you. In order to let you study more in the comfort of your own home, we also provide a plethora of information on our website.  

funeral home West Seattle, WA

The company aims to provide satisfaction and fulfillment of last dying wishes of loved one. Prior to the packages, basic services of funeral director and staff, transfer of remains to funeral home, facilities, staff and equipment for funeral service (for traditional and simple funeral), are some of which are included in the services offered 

Get in touch with our funeral Homes in West Seattle, WA, to honor your loved one until the last days. You have a wide range of alternatives when organizing a service, and we will make every effort to offer a lovely and dignified event. Whatever you decide, we can provide you with a place to share your sorrow, consolation, and love with loved ones. Above all, we will make every effort to honor your loved one. We would be pleased to discuss all of your choices with you and address any queries you may have. Nothing is more important to them than what is finest and most advantageous for us, as this is to return the favor for making us feel loved when they were still around. 

cremation service near Bellevue, WA

4 Reasons Why Choose Cremation

Losing a loved one is indeed the toughest phase in life that anyone may encounter. Now, in order to dispose of the body, many people or families choose and decide to cremate the deceased body, especially when their loved one has not left any Will. As a matter of fact, cremation is becoming more popular, and people prefer the cremation service over the traditional burial. Fortunately, we offer cremation service near Bellevue, WA and you might want to consider it. And here are the 4 reasons why people prefer cremation. 

Lower Cost of Cremation 

The primary reason why many choose cremation over a burial service is because it is less expensive. If you decide to cremate your loved one’s body, you do not need to purchase additional items such as a casket or headstone and embalming. Typically, cremation and urn are far less expensive, and you will save a lot of money when choosing this kind of disposition of the body. 

Cremation Services Are Flexible 

Cremation offers you more options on what can be done with your loved one’s ashes. There are numerous interesting and creative ways on what you can do about the cremated remains, like storing it in an elegant urn, putting it into a vinyl record, or scattering them at a memorable spot, and more. To get more suggestions about what you should do on your loved one’s ashes, you can ask and talk to us. 

Favorable To the Environment 

The embalming of bodies for burial is frequently done with harsh chemicals. As a result, there are concerns that the chemicals might damage the environment. These chemicals can also pollute the water table below. But, when it comes to cremation, that is not the case. Cremation is less hazardous and is eco-friendly, especially if you choose the Green Cremation. 

cremation service Bellevue, WA

Time-Saving Method 

You might want to make sure your family isn’t burdened with unnecessary decisions and problems at this difficult time by taking the necessary precautions. For there are times that planning of the funeral will be too much for your family. This is really challenging when you are dealing with the pain and heartbreak of a loved one’s death, particularly when it is unexpected. In most cases, cremation is faster than the traditional burials. With that, you can certainly save time and will not use a lot of energy. And you and your family can focus on healing emotionally and mentally. 

So, these are the main reasons why people choose cremation service over a burial. It will surely benefit not only you, but also your family and your deceased loved one. 

The most interesting part is that with our company, we also offer several cremation services. Such as, Traditional Funeral Service & Cremation, Simple Funeral Service & Cremation, Memorial Service & Cremation, Visitation Before Cremation, lastly, Cremation & Graveside Inurnment Service. And we have cremation service in Bellevue, WA. For more inquiries and queries, you can always give us a call. We will definitely be able to assist you any time since we’re 24/7 available. 

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A Meaningful Celebration of Life Service

There is no easy way to move on from the death of our loved ones. There are no instant methods to heal from that kind of painful experience. Yet, today, instead of holding a traditional way of commemorating a deceased and overcoming an excruciating feeling afterwards, people search for a unique and enjoyable way to celebrate a life of the death of their loved ones. Thankfully, if you want to plan a life celebration, our company offers a dignified service creating a truly worthwhile opportunity to honor the one who passed away. We are a funeral home in Bellevue, WA that will provide and satisfy your needs in the celebration of life. 

Despite experiencing the loss of someone you dearly loved, holding a life celebration service allows families and friends to remember a loved one while bidding farewell in a personal and meaningful way. In most cases, this type of service can significantly contribute to that healing, which a lot of people find to be greatly therapeutic. Further, the unique personality, accomplishments, and joy that a deceased loved one imparted to others frequently come into light during the celebration of life. The life celebration has becoming more popular because of its flexibility and having a bunch of activities of a traditional funeral order of service which is similar to a memorial service that everyone can enjoy. 

The company also provides and offers different services where you can select from for your necessities. We featured services such as cremation, burial, funeral or memorial services, including the more modern one, the celebration of life, and more, which other companies do not grant. We offer affordable life celebration services. Also, our company cares more about how the bereaved family wants to honor the death of their loved ones and at the same time how we can respect the deceased in a life celebration. 

In addition to that, you definitely have the opportunity to customize the death ceremonies for your loved ones, especially if you want to do it in a meaningful way. Every member of the family, friends, colleagues, or relatives can share their unforgettable moments and worthwhile memories with the deceased during the service ceremony. Resolving issues is also possible while in the celebration and conveying sentiments towards the family, friends, even with the deceased. 

funeral home Bellevue, WA

What’s more is that we will let you have an opportunity to hold a ceremony that will help you in everything that you ask and need for the celebration of life. company will always be more privileged and delighted to serve you. We’ve been running these types of services for many years, and we value each of our customers just like how your loved one’s death matters to us.  

Now, if you have any queries about having a celebration of life or how you can personalize a service for the death of someone you love, and you are near our funeral home in Bellevue, WA, feel free to speak to us anytime. We accept calls and messages 24/7.