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Which is Best? Cremation or Burial

Cremation has overtaken burial as the most common method of final disposition because of its rapid rise in popularity over the past several years. Although the decision between burial and cremation is extremely personal, however, when making the decision, it is necessary to take into consideration several factors. Before that, did you know that there is a cremation service in West Seattle, WA that offers both burial and cremation services? Well, our company offers not only burial and cremation services but a lot more.

For now, let’s move on to the various elements to consider when you are in the middle of deciding between burial or cremation service:

The big differences between burial and cremation service

Let’s explore the differences and distinctions between cremation and burial to start. When a body is cremated, it is burnt until only ashes remain. With burial, the body is preserved. Both cremation and burial can occur soon after a person’s death, either after a typical funeral service or before a memorial service. The body may be buried in the ground or entombed in a mausoleum in the case of a burial. In contrast, cremated remains may be kept by the family, scattered, buried, or placed in a columbarium. In general, cremation is the more cost-effective option.

Respect the remains.

When we chat with people who are considering between burial and cremation, a few recurring themes and questions arise. The desire to honor the deceased’s memory and, by extension, their body is one of the most frequently voiced concerns. It is noteworthy to note, however, that for some people, this entails preserving the body’s integrity, whereas, for others, the idea of letting the remains decompose underground is unthinkable. In many cultures and religions, viewing the body is a crucial aspect of the funeral ceremony. Numerous individuals erroneously believe that this is impossible if cremation is chosen. In reality, it is rather normal for a viewing to occur before cremation.

Religious Faith/Beliefs

Christian opinions on cremation vary. The Catholic Church banned cremation until the 1960s. However, the cremated remains must be interred, not scattered or carried home by survivors. Methodist, Seventh-day Adventist, and Lutheran churches allow cremation, although Baptist, conservative, and Eastern Orthodox churches do not. Some Jews now accept cremation. Hinduism and Buddhism mandate cremation. Culturally, Sikhs favor cremation; however, burial is allowed. Muslims cannot cremate.

Environmental Impact

cremation service in West Seattle, WABoth burial and cremation have environmental pros and cons. Both sides argue over which option is greener. Some say cremation releases a lot of pollutants, while others say it’s greener because traditional caskets aren’t biodegradable and embalming fluids are poisonous. The popularity of natural burials, sometimes known as eco-burials, has been on the rise in recent years. Burials in this style use biodegradable, compostable coffins and never include the use of embalming substances.

It is a tough and deeply personal choice between burial and cremation. If you are still having difficulty with it, you may want to address it with your family or other loved ones. Additionally, you can seek the support and advice of a funeral director on our cremation services in West Seattle, WA. We will guide you as much as we can.

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How to Make Funeral Meaningful?

Have you ever been to a funeral that made you feel like you know the departed on a deeper level than you did before the service? You were given a glimpse into who the departed loved one was as well as the things that were most important to them because every aspect of the memorial was meticulously crafted to reflect the life of the person who has passed away. A funeral home in West Seattle, WA are offering many services such as traditional and simple funeral services, and many more. And, here to give you ideas on how to make funeral even more meaningful.

But note that, meaningful funerals do not just happen. They are well-planned rituals that demand your attention and time for at least two days. However, you may feel less burdened by the planning if you remember that the effort you expend now to design a personalized, inclusive ceremony will help you, your family, and other mourners embark on healthy, healing grief journeys. This list is intended to assist you in planning a funeral that will be meaningful to you and your loved ones.

Choose items that reflect the life and character of the deceased.

There are elements of the ceremony that you will want to customize. You may consider the music, readings, keepsakes, movies, color, flowers, cuisine, and venue. All of these aspects can be customized to produce an innovative and meaningful service. For an instance, nature-lover may be remembered on a beach, in a park, a garden, by a lake, or in the mountains, and more. There are numerous ways to create a one-of-a-kind funeral service.

Discover ways to embrace the beauty of life.

A healing ritual gives friends and family a sense of hope in the middle of sadness and anguish. Peace is brought to people who are grieving by the time spent planning details and honoring the deceased’s legacy. Additionally, kids may struggle with saying goodbye. Encourage children to make an image that can be placed on the casket or memorial table. Even in a moment of loss, a ceremony honoring the deceased displays the beauty of life and reinforces the significance of their life on earth.

Encourage people to attend and make their own contributions to the funeral service.

funeral home in West Seattle, WAGrief and loss are fresh and real for those closest to the deceased loved one. The funeral ceremony is the beginning of the healing process since it enables mourners to accept the truth of the death. The presence of those who are also grieving might provide solace to those who have suffered a loss. Sharing supportive words, reminiscing memories, writing letters/cards of condolence, or simply spending quality time with the bereaved might help in bringing closure. The path to recovery is not quick nor easy, but a meaningful tribute with many loved ones present can reassure the family that they are not alone.

It is vital to understand the balance between the deceased’s wishes and the family’s requirements. Choose options that are meaningful to you, and they will be appreciated and respected by your loved ones.

Finally, to learn more and if you want additional details about funerals, please don’t be shy to contact us or you can simply go to our funeral home in West Seattle, WA. So, we can fully guide you.

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What Should I Know Before Deciding on Cremation?

Whether you’re arranging a funeral now or considering your options for the future, cremation or burial should be a primary consideration. You’ve definitely heard of cremation, but you may have questions about its details. How does cremation work? What does it mean to choose it for a loved one or for yourself? Would cremation be the most suitable choice for you? After choosing cremation, what other decisions will you need to make? There are a variety of questions that may arise, so continue reading to learn more. Anyway, our cremation services near Bellevue, WA are also here to help you out.

What exactly is cremation?

In simple terms, cremation is one way to dispose of a deceased person’s body. Cremation is typically less expensive than a regular burial, which contributes to its rising popularity worldwide. Unlike burial, in which the deceased is placed in a casket or coffin and buried in the ground or housed in a mausoleum, cremation involves the transformation of the deceased’s bones into ashes using a fire- or liquid-based procedure.

How cremation works?

High temperatures and evaporation reduce a body to its basic elements in cremation. Cremation reduces the body to bone fragments by heating and burning it in a specific container. The residues are converted into ash-like ash after cooling. Then, the family receives the cremated remains, which weigh 3-7 pounds, in an urn or temporary container. Subsequently, they have an option for memorialization.

How long does cremation take?

On average, a cremation takes roughly three hours. This is just an estimate, and actual cremation procedures may differ depending on the service provider and other factors.

What are things to consider when choosing between burial or cremation?

It is a personal decision to choose between burial and cremation. Consider the following factors while determining whether cremation is the best choice.

Respecting the individual. If you are making this decision on behalf of a deceased person who did not leave directions, consider what they would have preferred.

Respecting the living. If you’re planning for yourself, you may select cremation for a number of reasons, including that you want your ashes to be scattered or stored with family so that they do not have to visit a cemetery. If you are planning for a loved one and they have not given specific instructions, it is not selfish at all to consider your own preferences and requirements.

Respecting the environment. You may believe that burial is more environmentally friendly than cremation, however this is not always the case. Cremation costs a great deal of energy and does release chemicals into the environment, but many experts believe it is a more environmentally-friendly option than, for example, embalming and traditional burial.

Respecting religious beliefs. If religion is a significant part, it should be considered prior to selecting cremation, as certain religious traditions have strong beliefs about the subject.

What if cremation isn’t right for me?

The concept of cremation may not be acceptable to all people. If this is the case, there are a number of burial choices that can be made in advance to guarantee that your intentions are followed through.

Are you still in dilemma? Contact us or visit our cremation services near Bellevue, WA, so we can assist you with everything that you need and want to ask.

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Everything You Need to Know About Burial

One thing that is consistent throughout many different cultures’ burial practices is the belief that it is necessary to provide a last resting place for departed loved ones in order to properly honor and remember them. So burial is one of our ways to commemorate our departed loved ones. Good thing our funeral homes in Bellevue, WA also provides burial service and options if you’re looking for one. Yet, before that, it is also essential to be knowledgeable about burial when you’re planning to hold it. That is why in this blog post, learn more about what burial entails and include in it as you read.

What does traditional burial entail?

In most cases, funeral homes or services that provide traditional burial will offer a full-service option for their clients. This option typically includes fees for the funeral director and staff, transportation of the body, embalming, burial containers such as casket and vault, locations for a visitation or viewing, arrangements for memorial or funeral services, graveside services, opening-and-closing costs (gravesite preparation, back-filling, and landscaping), and the hearse and other necessary vehicles.

The cost of a cemetery lot or crypt, the permanent upkeep of the gravesite that is sometimes thrown onto the total cost of a lot, a grave liner if it is necessary, and the grave marker, monument, or headstone may also be included in the financial arrangements which could also have installation fee.

Now, you also have to know your options for burial. Depending on your preferences and how much money you have available, there is a wide range of options available for burial. Here are some of the burial options that you need to take note of:

Cemetery Property Options

Before investing in cemetery property, you should make it a point to conduct some background study on the local cemeteries to establish which of the available possibilities are the most suitable for your needs.

Private cemetery – private land designated as a cemetery where lots or burial sites are not offered for sale to the general public.

Public cemetery – a cemetery that sells burial plots to the general public, whether it be privately owned or owned by a municipality.

State or national cemetery – for veterans and their families, the government maintains a cemetery where burial is inexpensive or free of charge.

Casket Choices

funeral homes in Bellevue, WACaskets are available in a variety of materials and at different prices. The choice of a casket is entirely up to you and your family. Modern caskets are usually made of wood or metal and lined with various types of the interior fabric. The cost is usually determined by the materials used in construction. Some caskets (typically made of metal) are intended to withstand the elements, whereas others, such as those used in green burials (made of hemp, wicker, and other biodegradable materials), are intended to aid in the decomposition process.

It is really important to have a little knowledge about burial if you’re planning to have one. If you have more questions aside from the things mentioned above, then reach to us at our funeral homes in Bellevue, WA. We will be ready to assist you.