Renton, WA funeral homes

A Greener Way of Working With Renton, WA Funeral Homes

The environment is on everyone’s mind, as we all strive to minimize our impact on the environment and find a more conscious way of everyday life. That extends to working with Renton, WA funeral homes, as more of our clients ask for green-conscious memorials and funerals for their loved ones. At Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory, we strive to meet our clients’ needs, so here’s how we’re incorporating environmentally-friendly traditions into our offerings.

New Takes on the Funeral Procession

The traditional funeral procession is a dramatic statement about how many people knew and cared about the deceased – often involving a mile of cars a mile long. But while this is an impressive opening to the funeral, it also means a lot of car fumes. That’s why people are looking into alternative vehicles for the funeral procession, ranging from electric cars with low emissions to horse-drawn carriages for an old-fashioned twist. You get all the dramatic flair of the traditional procession while making a statement for the earth.

Green Takes on Cremation

If you and your family opts for cremation over burial, it doesn’t need to include the powerful cremator oven if you want to avoid the emissions. The new process known as Aquamation uses an alkaline-based solution to accelerate the natural process of decay and reduce the remains to bone ash in under a day.

Post-cremation, environmentally-friendly methods for memorialization include biodegradable urns that will release seeds when planted and transform the remains into an impressive tree.

Fundraising for a Good Cause

Many clients choose to use their online memorial page to raise money, either for funeral costs or a charity near and dear to the deceased. Many environmental charities are seeing fundraising partnerships, and a link on your page can raise money for the environment or endangered animals, among other causes. If you’re not seeking gifts or flowers from mourners, asking them to donate in the name of the deceased is an appealing alternative.

Natural Arrangements

While the flower arrangement is a classic part of any funeral or memorial service, an eco-friendly alternative gives all the benefits with the added plus of a living tribute. Alternative arrangements like flowering shrubs can be placed at the grave or memorial still alive in their pots, adding beauty and grace to the ceremony. They can then be planted either at the graveside or another location.

Natural Burials

If you choose a traditional earth burial for your loved one, you can minimize the impact on the environment by choosing coffins made from recycled wood. These coffins are designed from pre-used wood but then varnished or painted to make them indistinguishable from traditional coffins. If your loved one was a tree-lover, they would appreciate the fact that their final resting place made good second use of one.

Do these options appeal to you for a green funeral service and memorial at Renton, WA funeral homes? If so, contact Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory for more information or to set up a consultation today.