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A Helpful Guide to the Different Types of Cremation Services

Even though cremations are becoming more popular, accepted as well as deals a lot with the Asian community in Seattle. Filipino, Vietnamese, Chinese (Cantonese), still, most people have no idea of what the process actually involves. As a matter of fact, at cremation services in West Seattle, WA, many are unaware to the various types of services associated with cremation. If you are thinking about preplanning a funeral or a cremation for your loved one who departed, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the service you will choose.

And so, here is a walkthrough guide discussion of the different types of cremation services where you can choose from:

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation can be considered as the most affordable cremation service. This kind of cremation does not include formal or any additional services. After death, the body is cremated immediately, it will not be embalmed and there is no viewing or visitation.

Traditional Funeral Service + Cremation

In terms of cost, traditional funeral service with cremation is the most expensive. Since this type of cremation service includes embalming and the use of a rental casket, as well as the advantages of both traditional funeral services and cremation. After the funeral services, cremation will be performed.

Memorial Service + Cremation

In a memorial service with cremation, the cremains do not have to be present at the venue. Just like in a funeral service, it is a way to honor the memory of your loved one. Families, friends, and colleagues may gather to pay their respects to the deceased.

Simple Funeral Service + Cremation

A simple funeral service consists of nothing more than the basic needs. Because of this, simple funerals are occasionally referred to as basic funerals. If you are saving money, or simply prefer a straightforward ceremony, followed by cremation, you may choose this one.

Visitation + Cremation

Do you want to have a visitation with cremation? Fortunately, as long as you make room in your schedule for it, visitation is still permissible for cremations. The visitation can be as extravagant or as simple as you wish, according on your preferences. Embalming the remains is not required by law as the dead will be cremated.

Cremation + Graveside Inurnment Service

cremation services in West Seattle, WANowadays, a lot of families choose to inter their loved one’s ashes at a graveside service. With this choice, the deceased’s friends and family can choose to have the body cremated and then organize a formal service to bury the ashes.

The aforementioned services are all associated and can be done before and after the cremation occurred. It is indeed true that there are many types of cremation services. And luckily, all these cremation services are available and being offered at the cremation services in West Seattle, WA. So, if you are arranging a cremation service for your loved one who just passed away, do not be hesitant to ask for more information. The staff will be there to care for all your needs and requests.