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A Joyous Celebration of Life at Mercer Island, WA Funeral Homes

When saying goodbye to a loved one, it’s natural to be filled with sadness. But a memorial at Mercer Island, WA funeral homes can also be a celebration of the life lived by the deceased, and at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory our doors are open to unconventional memorials and tributes. Here are some unique and memorable ways that people pay tribute to a life well-lived at our facilities.

Food for the Soul

There are few things that create more memories than food, and catered dinners at the memorial service or at an associated restaurant are a common tribute. There are multiple ways to arrange the food – common choices include homemade food made from the favorite recipes of the departed, a potluck catered by the friends and family, or a dinner brought in from a beloved restaurant enjoyed in life. Our extensive facilities can host anything ranging from a table of snacks at the reception to a full dinner.

A Meaningful Donation

Was there a cause that your loved one was passionate about in life, whether they worked for it or just supported it? It’s common to ask for donations in lieu of gifts or flowers at a memorial service or through the online portal. While financial donations are the most common method for supporting a cause, it’s also possible to arrange a collective hands-on effort to benefit a charity as part of the memorial.

A Scattering Ceremony.

If you’ve chosen cremation as an alternative to burial, that gives you the opportunity to create a personalized final goodbye. If your loved one had a spot that they loved, like a favorite lake or a beloved park, a public spot makes an ideal place to scatter the ashes. This is possible for private locations as well, if it can be arranged with the property owners. Cremation ashes are sterile and legal to scatter in most locations.

A Musical Farewell

It’s common to have speakers and testimonials at a memorial service, but there are more colorful alternatives to the traditional speakers. If your loved one had a passion for music, it’s easy to arrange a tribute performance either through guests putting on a show or through guest musical artists. Multimedia tributes like videos set to music can also be arranged through our digital services team.

Lasting Tributes

Ideal for those who had a passion for the environment, there are many options for creating all-natural tributes that serve as living memorials. For those who chose cremation, a biodegradable urn can release tree seeds once planted, creating a towering tree that will last decades and create a memorial space for the family to visit. Coral balls are a sea-based alternative that creates a hospitable space for sea life to create an ecosystem on a unique-shaped receptacle for the ashes.

Our experienced staff can help you facilitate these unique options at Mercer Island, WA funeral homes. Contact Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory for more information on our services or to set up a consultation today.