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Aquamation: The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Cremation

Aquamation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis, is an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to traditional cremation. It involves using a combination of water, heat, and alkaline chemicals to break down the body of the deceased, leaving only the bones. The process is gaining popularity due to its environmentally friendly nature and the range of associated products it offers. Good thing, if you don’t want to have the traditional cremation, our cremation services in West Seattle, WA also offer this type of eco-friendly alternative.

One of the main benefits of aquamation is that it is significantly less harmful to the environment than traditional cremation. Cremation releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. In contrast, aquamation has a much lower carbon footprint and is considered a more sustainable option.

Another benefit of aquamation is that it produces a sterile, liquid byproduct that is safe for the environment. This byproduct, known as cremated remains or “ashes,” can be used in a variety of ways. It can be scattered in a meaningful location, placed in an urn, or used to create a piece of memorial jewelry. In addition to traditional cremation urns, there are many new and unique products available that are specifically designed for aquamation remains. These products include biodegradable urns made from materials such as bamboo or sand, memorial jewelry made from ashes, and even customized pieces of artwork.

For those who want to keep their loved one close to them, memorial jewelry made from aquamation remains can be a meaningful and unique way to honor their memory. This type of jewelry can be made in a variety of styles, including pendants, rings, and bracelets, and can contain a small amount of the ashes.

Another unique way to honor the memory of a loved one is to commission a piece of artwork that incorporates their cremated remains. This can be a painting, sculpture, or even a glass-blown piece. These one-of-a-kind pieces can provide a lasting tribute to the person and their life.

cremation services in West Seattle, WA

Aquamation is also gaining popularity in the veterinary industry. Many pet owners are choosing aquamation for their beloved pets as a more eco-friendly and sustainable option. The process is similar to that used for humans and produces the same sterile liquid byproduct that can be used to create memorial jewelry or artwork.

In conclusion, aquamation is an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to traditional cremation. It offers a range of benefits, including a lower carbon footprint, a sterile liquid byproduct, and a variety of unique products to honor the memory of a loved one.

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