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Burial’s Hidden Costs

When you have a traditional funeral for a loved one, the funeral homes in Tukwila, WA are going to be very open with the prices and costs involved with that. You should also find a cemetery that is open with their prices to ensure you get someone who is being fair with you. Prices should feel affordable and not sky high or rock bottom low. At the same time, there are some burial costs that feel obvious while other costs are more hidden in nature and not something you may even know about. Here are some of the costs that can arise that not everyone is aware of. 

Burial Plot Types 

Burial plots can vary in size and type and you are going to want to recognize the fact that different plots can cost different amounts. Plots can vary based on where they are situated within the cemetery, for example. A double plot, which can fit two people, is going to cost more than a single plot. And a cremation plot will cost the least. Keep in mind that plot prices vary and when you look at the average cost of a plot in a certain cemetery, that can go higher under certain circumstances. 

Burial Vaults 

One of the things that you will likely have to have for your loved one before the burial process can continue is a burial vault. This is a box that goes under the ground, around your loved one’s casket. It’s often required in cemeteries because it can protect your loved one as well as the integrity of the ground in the cemetery location. This might be something that is included in a package by some cemeteries while it might be an additional charge in another cemetery, so watch for those details. 

Grave Opening And Closing 

Another cost that is going to be necessary is the opening and closing of the grave. Cemeteries have special equipment for this and professionals take care of making the hole in the right manner and covering it up later once your loved one is in place. Again, some cemeteries offer this as part of a package and others will tack the price onto the plot once you have that purchased, which can feel like more of a surprise. 

funeral homes Tukwila, WA

Maintenance Care 

There are often options within the cemetery, but don’t be surprised if there are maintenance charges that you have to pay in order for the cemetery personnel to take care of your loved one’s grave once they are buried. You want the grounds to look nice for when you visit in the future and there could be costs involved with that. Some cemeteries allow family to maintain things on their own, too. 

Headstone Installations 

You know you are going to have to buy a headstone, but there are also installation charges that are going to go along with that. You might pay the cemetery for those fees or the headstone creator could do the installation as well. If you have questions, ask the funeral homes in Tukwila, WA.