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A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a Celebration of Life

The purpose of a celebration of life, memorial service, burial, or other ceremony, despite their differences, is to allow those whose lives the deceased affected in large and small ways to express their respect and celebrate their memory. They also serve as a crucial phase in the grieving process, enabling the bereaved to pay tribute to and celebrate the life of their deceased loved one, as well as gain the support and companionship of others. Our funeral homes in Bellevue, WA also offer a celebration of life service.

Indeed, the most remarkable celebrations are extremely meaningful and capture the departed’s unique life and personality. With that, here’s how to plan a life celebration for your loved one.

1. Timing

A memorial or celebration of life can be held at any time after a person’s passing. You may opt to make preparations quickly, but waiting several weeks or even months is also fine. It can be tough to make decisions quickly following a significant loss; by arranging the event several months in advance, you can solicit the assistance of others or even hire a professional planner.

2. Type of Service

Choose the type of ceremony you wish to hold. Depending on the disposition of the remains, a number of event planning options are available.

3. Guests to Invite

After you’ve decided on the type of service and time of the event, it’s a good idea to create an invitation list. Consider first your immediate family, then your more distant relatives. Next, create a list of friends, and not just current pals; include friends from childhood, school, different occupations, and various locales.

4. Venue/Location

Fortunately in a celebration of life, you can also choose the place where the celebration will be held. So, you can decide where the life celebration will take place.

5. Readings and Readers

You may choose religious prayers, readings, poems, quotes, personal writings, or song lyrics that were meaningful to the deceased. Afterward, pick the reader or readers who will offer the documents.

6. Eulogist / Speakers

If you prefer to have a eulogy, you must select the writer and speaker.

7. Music

Pick songs, hymns, and other musical works that the deceased appreciated or that have special importance.

8. Food & Beverage

Food and beverage options include do-it-yourself (with the assistance of friends and family) preparation, hiring a caterer, or the venue’s full-service food and beverage service.

9. Photographer / Camera Operator

You may want to photograph or record the celebration in order to save the memories for years to come. You can assign this task to a family member or close friend, or you can hire a professional photographer.

10. Flowers & Memorials

funeral homes Bellevue, WATraditionally, people express their grief by sending flowers. Still, it is common for families to request memorial donations rather than flowers. You can say in the obituary, on social media, and on event invitations whether flowers or memorials are preferred, or if both are acceptable.

As you noticed all the decision-making will be yours to make when you choose a celebration of life. Now, if you need assistance and still have questions to ask, reach our company of funeral homes in Bellevue, WA.

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An In-Depth to Your Burial Options

It is difficult to consider the passing of a loved one, but it is vital to be prepared. When planning a burial for a loved one, there are many factors to consider, but the most important is to find a manner to say goodbye that feels right for you and your family. It might be challenging to choose the type of burial for yourself or a loved one. Throughout history, individuals from a wide range of societies have honored the dead by burying or cremating them. Today, however, there are numerous options for burials. This guide provides an in-depth analysis of four types of burials so that you may make the best option for yourself or a loved one. Our company of funeral homes near Tukwila, WA also offers services and has many burial options.

Natural Burial

Green burials are frequently confused with natural burials. Despite their differences, they both decompose naturally without the need for embalming fluid, a coffin, or a burial vault. Instead, the deceased’s body is buried immediately in the ground. This burial option has minimal to no environmental impact. Some individuals may opt to be interred in biodegradable caskets, which are typically composed of bamboo, hemp, wool, felt, cotton, cork, teak, willow, rattan, seagrass, leaves, recycled cardboard, or other “low impact” materials. Green funerals occur in cemeteries that do not employ synthetic pesticides.

In-Ground Burial

This traditional type of burial typically requires a casket and includes some form of memorial homage to the deceased. The body of the departed is placed in a metal or wooden casket, which is then lowered into a dug spot and covered with soil. Although caskets, headstones, and accessories can be purchased separately, many families opt to purchase them all at once to save money in the long run. A burial service may accompany an in-ground burial to honor the deceased’s last resting place and offer family and friends a sense of closure.

Burial Above Ground

There are various types of above-ground burials, but lawn crypts and public or private mausoleums are the most common. Lawn crypts combine numerous advantages of mausoleum interment with the time-honored custom of in-ground burials. Mausoleums, on the other hand, provide clean and dry confines that are secure. If the additional prestige of being buried within a structured appeal to you, a mausoleum may be the best option. Alternatively, if the idea of being interred close to a loved one appeal to you, a lawn crypt may be your best option.


funeral homes near Tukwila, WACremation has recently eclipsed burial as the most preferred last disposition option. The corpse is exposed to temperatures between 1,400 and 1,800°F. This kind of heat will convert the body to ash and shattered bones. The majority of families choose to scatter or preserve cremated ashes following the funeral service. Cremation is becoming increasingly popular since it is typically less expensive and utilizes fewer resources than other methods of interment.

Death, as devastating as it may be, is a normal and inevitable part of life. When a loved one dies, it is essential to select a burial option that is suitable for them and your family. There are lots of options, and each works differently.

And, we at funeral homes near Tukwila, WA are here as well to show and introduce you to the different services that we have. So, feel free to contact us anytime.

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How to Make Funeral Meaningful?

Have you ever been to a funeral that made you feel like you know the departed on a deeper level than you did before the service? You were given a glimpse into who the departed loved one was as well as the things that were most important to them because every aspect of the memorial was meticulously crafted to reflect the life of the person who has passed away. A funeral home in West Seattle, WA are offering many services such as traditional and simple funeral services, and many more. And, here to give you ideas on how to make funeral even more meaningful.

But note that, meaningful funerals do not just happen. They are well-planned rituals that demand your attention and time for at least two days. However, you may feel less burdened by the planning if you remember that the effort you expend now to design a personalized, inclusive ceremony will help you, your family, and other mourners embark on healthy, healing grief journeys. This list is intended to assist you in planning a funeral that will be meaningful to you and your loved ones.

Choose items that reflect the life and character of the deceased.

There are elements of the ceremony that you will want to customize. You may consider the music, readings, keepsakes, movies, color, flowers, cuisine, and venue. All of these aspects can be customized to produce an innovative and meaningful service. For an instance, nature-lover may be remembered on a beach, in a park, a garden, by a lake, or in the mountains, and more. There are numerous ways to create a one-of-a-kind funeral service.

Discover ways to embrace the beauty of life.

A healing ritual gives friends and family a sense of hope in the middle of sadness and anguish. Peace is brought to people who are grieving by the time spent planning details and honoring the deceased’s legacy. Additionally, kids may struggle with saying goodbye. Encourage children to make an image that can be placed on the casket or memorial table. Even in a moment of loss, a ceremony honoring the deceased displays the beauty of life and reinforces the significance of their life on earth.

Encourage people to attend and make their own contributions to the funeral service.

funeral home in West Seattle, WAGrief and loss are fresh and real for those closest to the deceased loved one. The funeral ceremony is the beginning of the healing process since it enables mourners to accept the truth of the death. The presence of those who are also grieving might provide solace to those who have suffered a loss. Sharing supportive words, reminiscing memories, writing letters/cards of condolence, or simply spending quality time with the bereaved might help in bringing closure. The path to recovery is not quick nor easy, but a meaningful tribute with many loved ones present can reassure the family that they are not alone.

It is vital to understand the balance between the deceased’s wishes and the family’s requirements. Choose options that are meaningful to you, and they will be appreciated and respected by your loved ones.

Finally, to learn more and if you want additional details about funerals, please don’t be shy to contact us or you can simply go to our funeral home in West Seattle, WA. So, we can fully guide you.

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Everything You Need to Know About Burial

One thing that is consistent throughout many different cultures’ burial practices is the belief that it is necessary to provide a last resting place for departed loved ones in order to properly honor and remember them. So burial is one of our ways to commemorate our departed loved ones. Good thing our funeral homes in Bellevue, WA also provides burial service and options if you’re looking for one. Yet, before that, it is also essential to be knowledgeable about burial when you’re planning to hold it. That is why in this blog post, learn more about what burial entails and include in it as you read.

What does traditional burial entail?

In most cases, funeral homes or services that provide traditional burial will offer a full-service option for their clients. This option typically includes fees for the funeral director and staff, transportation of the body, embalming, burial containers such as casket and vault, locations for a visitation or viewing, arrangements for memorial or funeral services, graveside services, opening-and-closing costs (gravesite preparation, back-filling, and landscaping), and the hearse and other necessary vehicles.

The cost of a cemetery lot or crypt, the permanent upkeep of the gravesite that is sometimes thrown onto the total cost of a lot, a grave liner if it is necessary, and the grave marker, monument, or headstone may also be included in the financial arrangements which could also have installation fee.

Now, you also have to know your options for burial. Depending on your preferences and how much money you have available, there is a wide range of options available for burial. Here are some of the burial options that you need to take note of:

Cemetery Property Options

Before investing in cemetery property, you should make it a point to conduct some background study on the local cemeteries to establish which of the available possibilities are the most suitable for your needs.

Private cemetery – private land designated as a cemetery where lots or burial sites are not offered for sale to the general public.

Public cemetery – a cemetery that sells burial plots to the general public, whether it be privately owned or owned by a municipality.

State or national cemetery – for veterans and their families, the government maintains a cemetery where burial is inexpensive or free of charge.

Casket Choices

funeral homes in Bellevue, WACaskets are available in a variety of materials and at different prices. The choice of a casket is entirely up to you and your family. Modern caskets are usually made of wood or metal and lined with various types of the interior fabric. The cost is usually determined by the materials used in construction. Some caskets (typically made of metal) are intended to withstand the elements, whereas others, such as those used in green burials (made of hemp, wicker, and other biodegradable materials), are intended to aid in the decomposition process.

It is really important to have a little knowledge about burial if you’re planning to have one. If you have more questions aside from the things mentioned above, then reach to us at our funeral homes in Bellevue, WA. We will be ready to assist you.

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6 Various Kinds of Burial/Funeral Services

A funeral home near Tukwila, WA provides the compassion and dignified services that many people are looking. With that, we want you to be informed of all the many types of funeral services although our company are offering them. To choose the best burial service you want for your loved one, consider all the various factors and make a decision after knowing the choices that you have.

Here are the different types of funeral services available:

Traditional Funeral Service

Traditional funeral service is also referred as “full-service” funeral, because this kind of service often consists of a viewing or visitation, a formal funeral service, the use of a hearse to take the body to the funeral home and cemetery, and burial, entombment, or cremation of the remains. As a result, most expensive type of burial service.

Memorial Service

One of the most popular types of funeral services is a memorial service. It is quite similar to the traditional funeral service, however, the body or the cremated remains are not present. The good thing about this service is that it can be held even after a day, month, or year/s of the interment. It is not following any time frame.

Graveside Burial Service

In a cemetery of your choice, a graveside ceremony is a burial service that is held at the gravesite. It could be a stand-alone ceremony to remember the deceased at the location of their grave. A graveside burial service might be held as an additional ceremony following a funeral. In fact, you can also do a graveside service and visitation.

Simple Funeral Service

Without the expense of a hearse, a simple funeral consists of an attended service at a nearby crematorium. To prepare for your arrival and to honor their life, the casket will be lying in state in the chapel. Traditional funerals are structured similarly to simple funerals, but simple funerals are typically significantly less expensive.


A wake is a gathering that takes place before to the funeral service. It may take place at one of the family members’ homes, but it frequently takes place at the funeral home. Seeing the body this way allows others to view it before the final interment.

Direct Burial (No Services)

There is no graveside memorial or funeral when someone is buried directly. No viewing or visitor will take place; hence embalming is not required. Soon after death, the body is buried, typically in a simple container. In most cases, direct burial is less expensive compared to the “traditional” full-service funeral.

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There are indeed a lot of types of burial or funeral services. You may choose that will best suits your needs or according to your loved one’s wishes. Do not worry for funeral home near Tukwila, WA offers almost all the types of burial services mentioned above. And now, it will be easier for you to decide on what kind of service you will select because you are well aware of these services.

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Celebration of Life Venue Ideas

People nowadays are into the celebration of life as way to honor a loved one who passed away. Life celebration is an alternative ceremony of traditional funeral and burial to commemorate the departed. In addition, it is a personalized event which you can customize everything in it. Choosing a venue is one of the many things you are allowed to do, too. And on this part, a lot of people are looking for ideas on what location they should pick. Good thing, we have provided some venue ideas that you can consider. Furthermore, funeral homes near West Seattle, WA are also willing to help you in planning for the celebration of life for your loved one.

Here are some indoor and outdoor venue ideas:

Your Home

Celebration of life can be hold anywhere, and it includes even your private home. If you have a space on your home for the event, then you might want to consider it as the location. Further, it might make the celebration even more special.

A Church or Place of Worship

You may also consider a church or any other religious institutions for the event, especially if your loved one’s religious belief is important to him/her. With that, the celebration of life will be more religious.

Funeral Home

Did you know that some of the funeral homes today can also provide venue for events like the celebration of life? Well, modern funeral homes have come to understand the value of accommodating various events to increase their appeal.

Movie Theater

This might really seem unusual especially when you’re honoring a loved one who recently departed. Yet, a movie theater allows you to see photos and videos of someone you dearly loved on a large screen.


Parks can also function as entertaining gathering spots for friends and family members and even as a unique funeral location for a celebration of life event. Park is a good location that can also accommodate many visitors; however, you won’t have much control over who uses it. It is because it’s a public place as well.


funeral homes near West Seattle, WAA celebration of life can also be held even on a boat. If you or your loved one reside near the coast, then you might want to consider holding the celebration at sea while riding on a boat.

Indeed, celebration of life has a wide range of option when it comes to the venues. People do often overlook some near and special places for their loved ones. That is why, here we are to give you a reminder and a rundown of various indoor and outdoor locations for the event such as celebration of life.

Our funeral homes near West Seattle, WA wants to assist you in everything that you need. We are allowing you to personalize the whole event including in selecting for a place to hold it. Now, if you have more queries about any other services, please do reach us, so we can help you.

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Remembering A Life ‘til The End

There are many memorable events and special times in our life. Nonetheless, life will never be easy as it’s not always roses and rainbows; there will always be a storm you have to face. When a loved one passes away, family and friends have the chance to reflect and remember by sharing those moments and memories through a tribute that artfully memorializes a life lived. There are no proper words to express your feelings or thoughts about losing someone, as it always leaves a hole in your heart. Anyhow, there were things you could do to make their memories stay alive.

Many people approaching the end of their lives find comfort in talking with loved ones about a “cheerful funeral” and celebration of life that includes those times of laughter and rainbows. In any case, how people reflect on their own lives or personalities may be through the celebration of their lives. As long as you allow individuals to participate in the lives of their cherished family or friends, you can make it monumental or intimate.

Honoring a loved one’s life after passing acknowledges the influence they had on others through their relationships with family, friends, coworkers, and the community. We discover how our loved ones impact other people’s lives when we celebrate their life, how they inspire others in the way they take things with them, or even how they talk with them. In addition to ensuring that our loved one lives on, it is an opportunity to share tales and experiences that helped define who they were.

funeral home near Bellevue, WAA celebration of life is a less formal style of funeral, but you still need to think about who will officiate the service. A celebrant will be necessary to lead the ceremony and welcome the other guests. You can get assistance from us if you’re unclear on how to manage this situation, including the burial, receptions, and obtaining necessary authorization and permits. Its goal is to ensure your loved ones have a memorable experience. When you opt to have this type of funeral, you can either use a place made available by the “funeral home” or select a different location. For instance, you have planned cremation services that offer a special celebration with a meaningful experience to remember your loved ones. Like a social gathering, you can also host this event in the comfort of your home.

Your family members or friends can help you design an order of service that pays tribute to the life and passions of your loved one. How you choose to celebrate the life of your loved ones will not affect the sequence of the services. This funeral celebrant is committed to conducting the services you need, and in such a gesture, they want to give respect and honor to the deceased. They know how they incorporate the qualities, moments, and stories of the deceased to create a more personalized service you need and want to tell. We, a funeral home near Bellevue, WA, are ready to help you even in times of your pain.

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Creating Unforgettable Moments

We are grieved, startled, or confused when a close friend, family member, or loved one passes away unexpectedly. Don’t imagine that you are by yourself; this emotion affects us all at some point in our lives. Even if you are often stoic, confused, or a person of focus, it is human to cry because grief is inevitable, much like death.

Carrying out your plans while bringing their remains is a way to deal with situations where you are feeling regret and last wishes for a loved one who has passed away. That’s accurate, and the solution to this issue is cremation. We advise contacting funeral homes near Tukwila, WA if you live close to such areas.

Keeping your unfinished business with a passed loved one, family member, or close friend is also important for other reasons. It also represents your acceptance of the fact that your acquaintance, closest friend, or family member has passed away and your decision to forge a new course in life. Cremation is the only method for scattering ashes or traveling with the remains.

It is noteworthy to understand that when you choose cremation, you must be prepared to accept the circumstances and be willing to have peace of mind. You can think positively, as it is part of your and your family and friend’s healing process. You can take your time to consider this, but it is the best way to preserve the memories of a loved one. We are more than glad to extend our hand to guide you on a fresh path of remembering someone who has made a substantial contribution to your life.

A celebration of life plans or establishes a time for family get-togethers or meetings so that everyone can share their fondest and most heartfelt tales, anecdotes, and memorable encounters with the deceased. You may lessen your weight by remembering the person you are missing and expressing those thoughts with your family, close friends, and loved ones. Nothing is more relieved than removing a burden from your chest.

A company is focused on giving you and your family and friends personalized comfort. Representing the life you lost in every corner, honoring and respecting them until their last breath. By letting you experience them once more, remembering and bringing beautiful moments until the end of the person’s life. We dedicate ourselves to bringing closure, peace, and happiness to the world around us. Giving each individual the opportunity to settle and express their feelings toward their family, friend, and loved one who passed away is a heart-warming experience.

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Funeral homes near Tukwila, WA, have many compassionate, sensitive, and professional staff that have served many areas and races, including the Asian community in this area. You can plan everything according to your preferences, which can be discussed in the pre-planning process. Also, all your questions are much more than appreciated and can be answered by the staff. Throughout the way, we will guide you. We are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

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Honoring our Loved Ones ‘Till Death

There is nothing more difficult than losing a loved one and then having to decide how to best bury them; It is indeed a tough moment. As it has been a tradition (especially for the Asian community – Filipino, Vietnamese, and Chinese) that whenever someone significant in our lives passed away, we uphold ceremonies to honor them.  Providing quality and compassionate service to the families in West Seattle, Washington. Our funeral home near West Seattle, WA offers a complete range of quality services – funeral services, burial, memorial services, and cremation – that may be tailored to meet the distinct, demands and traditions of your family. 

You may host a funeral ceremony in honor of your loved one whether you decide to bury them or cremate them. We are delighted to provide either a traditional funeral or a totally unique one. We will endeavor to meet your preferences, however many cultures and religion have unique funeral practices. We are pleased to support you and your family in any manner we can during this trying situation. A memorial service is also a moment to commemorate your loved one, just as a funeral service. This might take place right afterwards or weeks later, with or without an urn. What matters is that it establishes a time and place when family and friends may come together to support one another, exchange stories, and express their condolences.  

Cremation and burial are top services provided by the company. In fact, there are package and deal services provided, as we are being receptive to your needs. You may rely on the caring and experienced professionals at our funeral home company to assist you in organizing a special memorial for your loved one. Additionally, we’ll carefully walk you through all of the choices you’ll need to make at this rough phase. Any time of day or night, seven days a week, you are welcome to contact us for prompt help. You may also stop by our funeral home whenever it’s convenient for you. In order to let you study more in the comfort of your own home, we also provide a plethora of information on our website.  

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The company aims to provide satisfaction and fulfillment of last dying wishes of loved one. Prior to the packages, basic services of funeral director and staff, transfer of remains to funeral home, facilities, staff and equipment for funeral service (for traditional and simple funeral), are some of which are included in the services offered 

Get in touch with our funeral Homes in West Seattle, WA, to honor your loved one until the last days. You have a wide range of alternatives when organizing a service, and we will make every effort to offer a lovely and dignified event. Whatever you decide, we can provide you with a place to share your sorrow, consolation, and love with loved ones. Above all, we will make every effort to honor your loved one. We would be pleased to discuss all of your choices with you and address any queries you may have. Nothing is more important to them than what is finest and most advantageous for us, as this is to return the favor for making us feel loved when they were still around. 

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A Meaningful Celebration of Life Service

There is no easy way to move on from the death of our loved ones. There are no instant methods to heal from that kind of painful experience. Yet, today, instead of holding a traditional way of commemorating a deceased and overcoming an excruciating feeling afterwards, people search for a unique and enjoyable way to celebrate a life of the death of their loved ones. Thankfully, if you want to plan a life celebration, our company offers a dignified service creating a truly worthwhile opportunity to honor the one who passed away. We are a funeral home in Bellevue, WA that will provide and satisfy your needs in the celebration of life. 

Despite experiencing the loss of someone you dearly loved, holding a life celebration service allows families and friends to remember a loved one while bidding farewell in a personal and meaningful way. In most cases, this type of service can significantly contribute to that healing, which a lot of people find to be greatly therapeutic. Further, the unique personality, accomplishments, and joy that a deceased loved one imparted to others frequently come into light during the celebration of life. The life celebration has becoming more popular because of its flexibility and having a bunch of activities of a traditional funeral order of service which is similar to a memorial service that everyone can enjoy. 

The company also provides and offers different services where you can select from for your necessities. We featured services such as cremation, burial, funeral or memorial services, including the more modern one, the celebration of life, and more, which other companies do not grant. We offer affordable life celebration services. Also, our company cares more about how the bereaved family wants to honor the death of their loved ones and at the same time how we can respect the deceased in a life celebration. 

In addition to that, you definitely have the opportunity to customize the death ceremonies for your loved ones, especially if you want to do it in a meaningful way. Every member of the family, friends, colleagues, or relatives can share their unforgettable moments and worthwhile memories with the deceased during the service ceremony. Resolving issues is also possible while in the celebration and conveying sentiments towards the family, friends, even with the deceased. 

funeral home Bellevue, WA

What’s more is that we will let you have an opportunity to hold a ceremony that will help you in everything that you ask and need for the celebration of life. company will always be more privileged and delighted to serve you. We’ve been running these types of services for many years, and we value each of our customers just like how your loved one’s death matters to us.  

Now, if you have any queries about having a celebration of life or how you can personalize a service for the death of someone you love, and you are near our funeral home in Bellevue, WA, feel free to speak to us anytime. We accept calls and messages 24/7.