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Cremation Packages And Additions

When you decide on cremation services in Bellevue, WA for your own pre-plans, it can feel like a relief. You looked at the options, thought them over, asked some questions, and know what you want. Then, you just have to follow through. Once you know that cremation is what you want, the funeral home will recommend choosing one of the cremation package options. There are several from which to choose and all of them include everything you have to have. You can also add whatever you want to those packages. Here are some options to consider as you move forward with your plans.

The Simple, Direct Cremation

Even the most basic cremation package is going to include everything you have to have, which is nice to know. You don’t have to get anything further than just the package. It will give you the transportation you need from the place of your death to the crematory. It will also give your family help with paperwork, you the cremation process, and even a simple container for your remains. That’s all you have to have to complete the process and meet your needs.

A Full Cremation Package

If you would like to include further services with your basic cremation, you can get a full cremation package, which gives you a funeral before the cremation service. The professionals will help your family plan things out, or will follow the plans you leave and put everything into place. Afterwards, you will be cremated and returned to your family.


There are other cremation package options, but there are also a lot of different things you could add to those packages, depending on what you want. The most popular thing that people add is an urn. All cremation packages include a simple container for remains, but that container is little more than a cardboard box. People often want something more, like an urn. The urn is something that could be on display at a memorial service or it could be a keepsake the family has after a scattering. There are a lot of options and they can even be customized.

cremation service in Bellevue, WA

If you go with a direct cremation, the second most popular thing to add to a package is the memorial service. A memorial service is something the funeral home is happy to host and they will do whatever you please to honor your loved one. If you don’t add the memorial service, you can still go back and add it later or, you can do something on your own in a park, a family home, or other locations.

There are plenty of other things you could add to a package when you organize cremation services in Bellevue, WA for yourself in advance and there are plenty of cremation packaged to consider. You are going to want to talk to the professionals, consider your options, and line up what you feel best about. Since you are planning ahead, time is on your side. You can take your time with the decisions and move forward only when you are good and ready.