cremation services in Mercer Island, WA

Cremation Services Allow For More Honoring Options

Some people choose cremation services in Mercer Island, WA because it can be very direct, to the point, and straightforward. With direct cremation, the process takes place within a day or two without any services happening before. That can be very nice for some families. However, just because your loved one is cared for and cremated quickly doesn’t mean there can’t be honoring memorial services later. In fact, when you choose cremation, there are more allowances for honor after the process is complete. You can do whatever you want with the cremation services. Here are a few options to consider and you can also combine anything you want, too.

Memorial Services

The most popular thing to do is have a memorial service for your loved one. These services are varied and you can do whatever you want. Some people have something somber that feels like a funeral while others have something more personalized, like a picnic in the park. There are even celebrations of life to consider. Memorial services aren’t limited to one event, either. You can have one service nice, another on the anniversary of the death, or one around your loved one’s birthday and so on.

Ash Scattering Ceremonies

If your family wants to scatter your loved one’s ashes, there are ceremonies that can go along with that to make things feel final and special. You can gather a small, intimate group on location and everyone can share a memory before your loved one is scattered at the chosen place. These ceremonies can mean a great deal to everyone involved and can make you feel as if you are honoring your loved one in a big way.

Memorial Dedicationsfinal services

If you decide to have some kind of memorial placed for your loved one, whether it’s planting a tree, placing a brick in the pavement, or something else, you can have another service that gathers close loved ones and dedicates that memorial to your loved one. You can share memories again, talk about why you chose the particular memorial you put into place, and have a nice time remembering the good times you had with that person.

These are just a few of the options you have for cremation services in Mercer Island, WA after the actual cremation is processed and complete. Just because the disposition method is quick and to the point doesn’t mean you can’t have one or more services for your loved one. It’s important to honor them in whatever way you see fit and the professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory can help you every step of the way. Give us a call and tell us about your family and your loved one. We want to get to know you so we can offer customized suggestions for your love one’s final services. Once you make the choices, we’ll implement them for you and support you in your decisions. Your loved one was unique and you deserve to honor them in all the right ways.