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Cremation Services Followed By Memorials For Grieving

When a loved one passes on, you might be in charge of their final services. The first thing you are going to want to do is to decide between a funeral and cremation services in Bellevue, WA for that person. If you go with cremation, direct cremation is the most popular way to go. That means that cremation happens soon after the person died without any services beforehand. But you can still have a memorial service after the fact. While all your loved one needs are the cremation package, your family might feel the need for the memorial service. It can help with the grieving process. Here are a few reasons why.

1-Access Closure

One thing that everyone who is grieving will need in order to move forward is a closure over the death. You need to recognize that your loved one has died and is not coming back. Perhaps you access that closure, but your family members have not. A memorial service can give them the feeling they need to move forward. That closure is an important part of the grieving process overall.

2-Say Goodbye

It’s also important to your grieving process to say goodbye to your loved one in your own way. Some people can get that through writing a letter or on their own. Others will be able to say it through a memorial service. These services can be customized in any way you see fit and they can really help your family members to move forward after saying that goodbye.

3-Have Support

Your family will need to support one another during this hard time. When you have a memorial service, you are going to have that time together. You will gather at the same time and be in one place with one another. That can help you to commiserate, remind each other of those family connections, and get what you need from one another.

4-Honor Your Loved One

cremation services in Bellevue, WAEven if you feel like you have what you need to move forward, giving your loved one a memorial can be something you want to do to honor their life and their memory. It’s a nice way to give them the send-off you feel they deserve. Memorial services are a nice way to do that because you can do whatever you want for that event. You can customize them in any way and do something that feels somber, like a funeral, or something more celebratory, like a life celebration. You will want to do something your family appreciates and something your loved one would have liked as well.

If you decide to have cremation services in Bellevue, WA for someone in your family who has passed on, the cremation package is all you have to have in order to meet their needs. However, having a memorial service for your loved one can also meet family needs to get closure, say goodbye, and simply honor that loved one. It also brings you together so you can support one another through the process.