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Everything You Need to Know About Aquamation With Renton, WA Cremation Services

Cremation has grown fast as the most popular option for memorializing the deceased, outstripping earth burial. But as concern over the environment grows, many people are wondering if there’s a way to so it without the emissions of a cremator. When you choose cremation services in Renton, WA, consider Aquamation as an all-natural alternative. Here’s everything you need to know about this new cremation treatment.

What Is Aquamation?

Aquamation, or Aqua-cremation, is a cremation alternative that eliminates fire and uses an alkaline solution to break down the body. The treatment simulates the body’s natural decay process, accelerating it and breaking a body down to bone ash in only hours. Because it’s all-natural and doesn’t involve a furnace, there are no greenhouse emissions and the treatment is environmentally friendly.

How Long Does Aquamation Take?

Aquamation uses a heated alkaline solution, and it can take place at either 200 or 300 degrees fahrenheit. The hotter treatment will be complete in under eight hours, while the 200-degree one takes eighteen to twenty hours and is an overnight process. This can be compared to a flame cremation taking up to three hours.

Can Aquamation Be Combined With a Memorial?

Yes, all the amenities that are available with our cremation process are available with Aquamation. We offer a direct cremation service that will return the ashes to you quickly, but we also offer a mix of affordable packages and a la carte services. If you want visitation, a viewing, or a full memorial, it can be arranged before or after the aqua-cremation process. We can even embalm the body, because all fluids are broken down by the solution.

What Are the Ashes Like?

The bone ash that is left after Aquamation is similar to the substance left after traditional cremation, although you’ll receive up to thirty percent more because less is broken down by high heat. While the process is gentler to the remains than traditional cremation, the ashes are still safe and sterile, with all organic material removed to leave only the mineral core of the bones. That makes them ideal for scattering if desired.

What If My Loved One Has Metal Implants?

This is a common concern we hear if someone has a pacemaker installed, or metal knee or hip replacements. Aquamation is a gentle process, and as such the implants do not need to be removed before the process. Instead, the alkaline solution won’t affect the natural metals and will instead wash them clean. After the process is complete, they can be removed and recycled, or returned to the family.

What Are the Environmental Benefits?

Cremation burns at an extremely high heat, emitting carbon from the furnace and releasing mercury from the burning of the bones. Because Aquamation uses a gentler heat and a natural chemical reaction, it has no major environmental impact. The slower pace and alkaline solution breaks down the body without powerful energies.

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