Renton, WA cremation services

Five Steps to Perfect Renton, WA Cremation Services

Cremation is gaining in popularity fast as an alternative to earth burial, but many of our clients aren’t sure what to expect when they walk in our door. If you’re choosing Renton, WA cremation services, our staff is ready to walk you through the process as soon as we get your call. Here are the five essential steps you’ll need to take for an ideal tribute to your loved one at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory.

Cremation Method

The first and most critical choice you’ll have to make when choosing cremation is how you want the process to be performed. The traditional cremation is done using a cremator, which is a powerful oven that burns up to 1,400 degrees fahrenheit and reduces the remains to bone ash in under three hours. But for those who want a more eco-friendly option, we offer Aquamation, also known as Alkaline Hydrolysis. This method uses a heated alkaline solution that speeds up the body’s natural decay process with the same result in only eight hours.

Basic Cremation or Full Package?

When you choose cremation services with us, you’ll get access to our full facility and all the amenities of our burial packages. We offer a variety of packages suitable for every budget, including amenities like visitation before cremation and a memorial service held in our facilities. But if you prefer to host your own memorial off-site, we offer a basic cremation package ideal for speedy and professional service.

What’s Your Timeline?

One of the benefits of cremation is that we operate on your clock, not anyone else’s. As soon as we get everything in order, we can perform the cremation and return the ashes to you in a basic cremation container or the urn of your choice. You can then return with the ashes to our facilities at a later date for a full memorial service, once you’ve arranged the guest list and all the amenities. With cremation, there’s no rush to bury a body, but we can also do faster ceremonies if you would like to have viewing of the body at the service before the cremation.

A Final Resting Place

One of the most critical decisions you’ll make when choosing cremation is what vessel you want to take home for the ashes. We offer a selection of hundreds of classic urns, each with their own unique design and equipped with anti-spill technology. We also offer cremation vaults if you want to have the ashes interred in a burial plot or mausoleum, and a selection of scattering urns if you plan to distribute the ashes.

Service Details

Finally, if you’ve chosen one of our full memorial packages, we’ll work with you to create an on-site memorial with speakers, music, and decorations. This can be customized to reflect the life your loved one lived and to allow guests to share their memories. We also have an extensive digital memorial program, so loved ones and friends who weren’t able to pay tribute in person can pay their respects online.

The path to the best Renton, WA cremation services begins with a call and a first consultation. Contact Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory to get started today.