Renton, WA funeral homes

Frequently Asked Questions About Working With Renton, WA Funeral Homes

Life and death come when you least expect it, and planning a final farewell to a loved one is always stressful. At Renton, WA funeral homes, we see people when they need our guidance and it’s common for them to have a lot of questions. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most frequently asked questions we get at Columbia Funeral Home & Cremation.

What Is the Ideal Timeline for Planning a Funeral?

That depends on you and your family, along with your plans for the memorial service. As soon as we get your call, we’ll step in and take custody of the body along with taking care of all outstanding legal issues. From there, you’ll come in for a consultation to look at packages. Many of our families choose to have a funeral within three days of contacting us, usually for a small group of friends or family. Larger ceremonies can be arranged over longer periods, up to several weeks later.

Can I Have a Full Memorial Service with Cremation?

Yes! If you’re choosing cremation services as an alternative to earth burial, you have full access to our facilities and services if you choose. We do offer a basic cremation package for families that want to arrange their own memorial service privately at a later date, but otherwise all the amenities of our funeral packages are available. One advantage is that the timeframe is a lot more flexible, as you can take the ashes home and return weeks or even months later for the memorial.

Can I Pre-Plan Services at Your Funeral Home?

Pre-planning services for your own memorial is becoming increasingly popular as a way to take the stress off your family. That’s why we offer a program that is ideal for planning years or even decades in advance. You can lay out as many major or minor details as you want for your service, ensure any essential documents are in stock so there’s no hunt for them, and arrange an upfront or installment payment plan to take the financial pressure off your loved ones.

Can I Arrange Veteran’s Services at Your Funeral Home?

There are few responsibilities more sacred to a funeral home than ensuring veterans who choose to be laid to rest here get the proper honors. That’s why we have a close relationship with representatives from the US military, and are well versed in arranging details such as the military honor guard. Any member of the US military who served honorably in war or peace is entitled to honors including complimentary headstones, markers, or burial flags.

What Are Your Facilities Like?

Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory is a full-service funeral home ideal for hosting small and large memorial services. Our facilities include room for private visitations and viewings, along with a large meeting hall that can be decorated for a personalized memorial service for your loved one. Our crematorium is large and fully equipped with facilities for both traditional cremation and Aquamation.

If you have any more questions about funeral homes in Renton, WA, contact Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory today. Our staff is standing by to set up a consultation.