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Helping The Bereaved After A Celebration Of Life

Celebration of life events at funeral homes in Bellevue, WA can be joyous occasions that help loved ones to gather, talk about their loved one, remember the good times, and honor a life well-lived. Just because the people at that event smiled and laughed doesn’t mean they aren’t dealing with grief and mourning outside of that service. If you are trying to support a person who is going through bereavement, there are lots of things you can do after the celebration of life service is behind you. Here are a few ideas.

Make Sure They Eat Well

It can be hard for a person who is grieving to think about themselves long enough to eat well. They might just grab something unhealthy because it’s convenient and close by without really thinking about what it does to their body. They might also not feel hungry, so they don’t eat at all. As a friend, you can drop off healthy meals, give them gift cards to local restaurants you know they like, or deliver things like fruit trays that are healthy and easy to snack on. You want them to feed their body well so they are able to have as much energy as they can get for the mourning process.

Encourage Discussions About Feelings

If you and your friend are used to sharing deep thoughts, it might not be hard for them to let you in on what they are feeling. If you don’t usually go there, it might feel awkward for them to open up. Encourage them by letting them know you are there and that you will listen to whatever they need to say. It can be good for them to share what they are going through, talk about their loved one, and emote in whatever way they need to. Just letting things out can help them move their grief forward.

Find Support For Them

While you want to be there for your friend, you may not be the help they need. They might feel less alone in talking to others who are going through similar experiences at the same time, like in a grief support group. As someone wanting to be there for them, you could find those groups for them and offer to drive them to and from the meetings.

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There are lots of things you can do alongside funeral homes in Bellevue, WA to support a friend as they plan a celebration of life. But lots of people step out of the woodwork to help with final services. To be a true friend, you need to be there before, during, and after those services. Continue to check in on their grief, even after a year passes and the anniversary approaches. The professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory can help you with more ideas and options as well as grief resources to help you be the friend you would want if you were in the situation of mourning that someone else is experiencing at this moment.