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How to Incorporate Food Into Memorial Services at Seattle, WA Funeral Homes

When planning to say goodbye to a loved one at Seattle, WA funeral homes, it’s natural to think back on the many good times you shared. Few things unite a family and create warm memories more than food, so many people are starting to incorporate food creatively into the celebrations of life they plan. At Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory, we’re working to creatively incorporate these culinary traditions into the events we host.

How Is Food at a Memorial Service Arranged?

Few funeral homes have on-site kitchens or catering facilities, but they do have meeting and banquet halls ideal for hosting large events. To find the food to share at these events, the best approach is to partner with a local restaurant. That food can be brought in heated or to be reheated, and many funeral homes have deals with local restaurants to offer catering for memorial services at a reduced rate with funeral packages.

Simple Refreshments

Even before meals associated with memorial services were common, it was a regular decision to have a table of refreshments or light snacks at the memorial service. This can be put together from packaged or homemade treats, or brought in from a local bakery. This is especially common in Italian culture, where a cookie table full of traditional treats is a staple of any large family gathering.

A Collective Effort

If you want to skip a full catered dinner from a restaurant as a cost-saving effort, it’s possible to harness the help of your support system for a full meal. The potluck dinner takes the stress off the family and doesn’t leave anyone with too much work by asking every guest or close friends and family to bring a simple dish. These dishes are then combined into a makeshift family-style dinner for everyone to enjoy.

On-Site Catering

If your loved one had a favorite restaurant or one where some of the family’s most important moments took place, it’s easy to arrange a memorial meal with the staff. You can choose to have the memorial dinner on site at the restaurant if they have the proper facilities, or to have the food brought to our meeting halls. We have partnerships with many of the best local restaurants, and are happy to facilitate a partnership through our funeral director.

Gifts to Go

There is no greater way to let someone know you’re thinking of them then by sending them a gift you know they’ll enjoy. That’s why most funeral homes offer a selection of gifts ideal for sending your condolences to the family of the deceased. Flowers are the most common choice, but it’s becoming increasingly popular to send edible gifts instead. Fruit arrangements or chocolate assortments are sure to please and comfort a family.

Do you have ideas for how to incorporate food into your loved one’s celebration of life? Seattle, WA funeral homes are ready to help, so contact Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory for more information today.