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How to Personalize Cremation Services in Renton, WA

If you’ve chosen cremation as an alternative to burial for your loved one or your future plans, we believe that cremation services can be as meaningful and personal as traditional burial. As Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory, we offer cremation services in Renton, WA that serve as the first step to you building your personal memorial. In this article, we’ll look at some of the unique ways you can celebrate a loved one’s life after cremation.

Cremation and Burial

If you or your family have a plot or family crypt, it’s possible to stay together even if you choose cremation. Once the remains are cremated and placed in a transport urn, they can be placed in a burial plot or family crypt next to other family members. This is a cost-effective and space-effective alternative that allows for all the amenities of a funeral without the purchase of a full casket and larger burial plot.

The Centerpiece Urn

The most common option for a resting place for cremation ashes is in a decorative urn. You’ll receive a sturdy transport urn after cremation before the memorial service, but we offer a wide assortment of decorative urns for permanent use. After the ashes are transferred into the urn, they make a striking centerpiece for a living room that always keeps the departed close in mind. For those who want a personal touch on the urn, we can arrange for a signature or inscription before delivery.

Split the Love

With large families or circles of friends, it’s common for people to decide to keep the cremation ashes with more than one person. A simple option is to divide the ashes into small urns to be taken home, but other options are available including small vials that can be carried around with each person, or lockets that can be worn as jewelry while holding a pinch of the ashes.

A unique option is to have a portion of the ashes made into a diamond through a third-party gem company. This creates a beautiful piece of jewelry that will provide a permanent and near-indestructible connection to the departed.

Scattering and Incorporation

For those who don’t want to keep the ashes at home, a popular choice is to scatter them at a meaningful location. Cremation ashes are sterile and safe to scatter, and there are no regulations on distributing them so scattering can be done at any public location. Private locations may be possible by consent of the property owner, and we can provide scattering urns for easy and safe disposal.

A creative option is to incorporate the ashes into something meaningful to the departed. Ashes have been mixed into paint or ink to write music, or blown out the exhaust of a motorcycle. There are no limits, and our staff can consult on how to set up your personalized tribute.

If you’re considering cremation services in Renton, WA, we can help you design a personal memorial. Set up a consultation at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory at our offices at 4567 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle, WA, 98118, only a 20-minute drive from Renton, or reach us on our website or by phone at (206) 722-1100.