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Moving On From The Celebration Of Life At The Funeral Home

There’s no such thing as an easy path through grief when you are making final service plans for a loved one with funeral homes in West Seattle, WA. Right after the death occurs, you might feel a sense of numbness and shock as you put together their services. If you decide to go with a celebration of life, that is a nice way to honor a life well-lived and allow your family to bring up and share favorite memories of good times. However, once that service is over, you have to find a way to move forward with your life and find a new sense of normal. Here are a few things you might do to come to terms with the loss.

Spend Time With Friends

While you will always miss your loved one, spending time with other people you appreciate and enjoy can help you remember that there are a lot of good things in your life, like good people. You can have lunch dates, invite friends over for movies, or do other low-key things. Your friends want to be there for you and by letting them hang around, you are doing something good for you as well.

Volunteer Somewhere Special

If you have some extra time off from work and you aren’t sure what to do with yourself, consider volunteering somewhere to get rid of some of that time and give yourself something to feel good about. Whether you help at a community food pantry, make scarves for homeless, or help re-shelve books at the library, you are doing something for the community that can be helpful and aid you in your own recovery at the same time.

Get Away From It All

Most companies will give you several days (or more) of bereavement time off and you might want to use some of that time to get away for a while. A change of scenery to a bed and breakfast in the next time can help you mourn as you need to and take time away for yourself. You can spend time with family members that are out of town or go to another city with pretty views to help yourself remove the most obvious reminders of pain and your loved one’s passing.

funeral homes West Seattle, WA

There are lots of other things you might do to help yourself heal and find a new sense of normal after celebration of life services that you hold with funeral homes in West Seattle, WA. If you need further help or advice as to what you might do to help yourself heal, the professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory are here to help. We have plenty of grief resources that we can pass along to you in order to help you move forward. It’s never going to be easy, but it’s something you can do with time and the right resources. Go back and look at the activities around the celebration of life, too, to remind yourself of the honor your loved one enjoyed at that event.