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New Trends in Seattle, WA Cremation Services

Many of our clients are surprised to learn that cremation is fast becoming the most popular choice for memorializing a loved one, outstripping earth burial. That’s because when you choose cremation services in Seattle, WA, you’re getting services that are evolving to help you deliver a fitting tribute to your loved one. At Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory, these are just a few of the new trends we’re embracing to better serve our families.

A Better Urn

How many times have you seen a movie or TV show with a hilarious mishap where grandma’s ashes go flying everywhere? That’s funny on the screen, but not in your home. Thankfully, cremation urns have changed a lot to be spill-resistant thanks to a stronger seal in the lid. We offer hundreds of stylish urns, many of which can be personalized with an inscription or have a unique artistic design.

We also offer a line of scattering urns, designed with a unique lid that opens slowly for easy and safe distribution of the ashes.

More Options for Interment

Many of our families choose cremation, but still want to have the remains laid to rest on the funeral grounds with the rest of the family. That’s possible thanks to an assortment of attractive cremation vaults, which serve as miniature coffins holding the remains that can be buried in a funeral service. Another option is spreading the ashes at a memorial garden, where a plaque can be laid listing all the people who rest there.

Eco-Friendly Options

Many of our families ask for a way to memorialize their loved one while having a positive impact on the environment. That’s why we offer Aquamation, or Alkaline Hydrolysis. This alternative to traditional cremation uses a heated alkaline solution to speed up the body’s natural decay, reducing the body to bone ash in only eight hours without the use of a powerful cremator.

For a more eco-friendly memorial option, we offer a pair of unique options. Biodegradable urns holding a tree seed are designed to break down in the earth, releasing the seed and incorporating the ashes into a growing tree. Coral balls are a unique option for sea burial, using a ceramic vessel that attracts sea life and turns your loved one’s memorial into a mini-ecosystem for coral and other organisms.

Flexible Timelines

One of the biggest challenges of planning a memorial service on short notice is getting everyone in one place. Cremation gives the family much more flexibility, as cremation can be done immediately and there’s no reason to hold the memorial service until everyone can get there. It’s common to hold a memorial service weeks or even months after the cremation, be it at our facility or at a personal location for a scattering ceremony. Cremation puts the timeline back in your hands.

If you’re interested in hearing how we’re working these trends into our cremation services in Seattle, WA, contact Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory to set up a consultation with our staff today.