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Putting The Funeral Procession Together

When you are having final services with funeral homes in West Seattle, WA, the professionals at the funeral home are going to take care of a lot of the details for you. You might want to know how they are going to run things so you know the operation of things going on around you. The funeral is something you have thought a lot about, and the funeral director will implement any of your plans for you. But you might not think as clearly about the processional part to the cemetery. Here are some of the things to keep in mind to put that part of the service together.

Announce The Procession At The Funeral

As the funeral portion of the event wraps up, you will want someone to announce the procession to everyone in attendance. They can state that the group is going to process to the cemetery in their vehicles and give out any instructions needed. The attendees will need to know where they should drive to get in line and any other details they have to have to get lined up in the right location.

Hand Out Car Markers

It is often nice for the vehicles within the processional to have a flag or another marker on their car so anyone driving around you will easily know that those vehicles are part of the funeral. You can have someone hand those out as people go through the receiving line, at the exit door, or even in the parking lot as people make their way back to their vehicles.

Ask For Hazard Lights

As a part of your instructions when you announce things in the funeral home, you might ask people to turn on their hazard lights, or their day lights, or both. That way, the vehicles in the processional are able to be identified with ease. People generally know not to break up these groups, but you are going to want to ensure the group can easily be recognized.

Have Someone Directing The Line

The funeral home will likely take care of many of the details, like hanging out flags or other markers, giving instructions at the end of the service, and even telling people to put on their hazard lights. They can also have someone stationed in the parking lot to direct attendees into the correct line. That will help everyone to know where to go without a doubt. It will give people peace of mind to know they are in the right place.

funeral homes in West Seattle, WA

There are many details that go into planning and operating a final service and you want things to go just right for your loved one. When you work with the professionals at funeral homes in West Seattle, WA, they are going to make sure you have everything you need. If you have questions along the way, never be afraid to ask. They are your support system and they want you to have the compassion and details you need to make confident decisions during this hard, emotional time.