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cremation services in West Seattle, WA

Putting Of Memorial Services Can Feel Right

If you decide on cremation services in West Seattle, WA for a loved one’s final services, you are going to want to be certain that’s what you want before you proceed. That way, you won’t have regrets later on since it really is a permanent process that cannot be reversed. Once the cremation is complete, the other decisions you have to make can wait. You can have a memorial service right away, or you can wait until later, for example. There are a lot of reasons you might put the services off and, in fact, that can feel right to you. Here are a few such reasons.

1-Your Family Lives Far Apart

Not every family grows up in the same town and sticks around. More often than not, families tend to spread out. IF you know your family wants to be there for the service, but it would be hard for them to get there on short notice, it’s okay to wait and hold the service, perhaps next month. You can choose a date a month or more in the future and warn your family of that date. That gives them time to take time off from work, make flight or driving arrangements, hotel reservations, and anything else they might like to do. It can take the planning pressure off, but it can also take the pressure off your family, who really do want to be there.

2-You Need Time To Plan

Not everyone knows just what they want for their loved one’s final services. It can take some time to plan and get all of the details together. If you want to do something really special and it simply takes time to get those things lined up, there’s nothing wrong with waiting for a week, two weeks, or even further down the road. You won’t regret it when the memorial service is everything you want for your loved one.

3-Your Loved One Wanted Something Specific

If your loved one requested that you do something specific, like have their memorial in a certain location, or take a family trip together, that might be limiting as to when you can do those things. If the location they wanted is booked for a month, you might have to put the services off so you can accommodate their wants. If they asked you to take a trip to their favorite spot, that takes time to plan and pull together as well. But it’s important to follow your loved one’s wishes if they left any behind and waiting is okay.

cremation service in West Seattle, WA

The professionals that helped you with your loved one’s cremation services in West Seattle, WA are there to help you with the options even after the cremation is complete. You can get a simple cremation package and that will include everything your loved one needs, but they can also help you with the memorial services whenever you want to move forward. They can also remind you that having the service in a few weeks or even further out is perfectly fine.

cremation services in West Seattle, WA

What Kind of Cremation Service Do You Want?

When you are thinking about planning out your own cremation services in Seattle, WA, it’s good to know what the options are. You know what cremation entails and while cremation takes place the same way every time, there are lots of things you can do around the cremation service like choosing an urn and the timing of that service can also vary. Here are different types of cremation so you have a full understanding and can choose what you feel is best for your situation.

A Full Cremation

Full cremation is the most traditional option and, in a way, can give you the best of both worlds. With this option, you have a visitation and full funeral service beforehand and then, the cremation takes place once those things are concluded. The funeral will have to take place quickly as the cremation needs to happen within a few days of your death. But it’s a nice way to give family traditions and ceremonies that they might appreciate while still allowing you the cremation you want.

A Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is much more straightforward. After you pass on, you are transported to the funeral home and your family deals with paperwork. Once those things are in order, cremation takes place without any services beforehand. It’s a succinct way to meet needs in a simple manner without a lot of extras. It costs the least, but also gives you the most options as to what can be done after the cremation process is carried out.

A Cremation Followed By Burial

While there are a lot of options for final resting places after the cremation, some people still like the idea of a cemetery burial, and that is one option that works just fine. Cremation can move forward and then, after the memorial family can gather at the cemetery and have a traditional burial, in a much smaller plot, for the cremated remains. Cremation also means that you can be buried in other locations if you so choose. You could be placed in a family garden, for example, easily enough.

cremation services in West Seattle, WA

A Cremation With A Memorial Service

Many people that want cremation understand that their family is going to need some kind of service to say goodbye and perhaps to get the closure they need to move forward. That might mean setting up some kind of memorial service. Memorial services can be whatever you want them to be and they can take place at any time after the cremation is complete. Some people want to have something that feels more like a funeral and is somber and ceremonial in nature while others want something casual, like a family meal. You can even have a life celebration, with a much more light-hearted feel. There’s no pressure on the timeline as these services can take place whenever you want after the cremation is completed.

If you have more questions about the regulation of cremation services in Seattle, WA, the professionals are more than willing to answer so you have the details you need.