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cremation services near West Seattle, WA

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Being bereaved is a really an agonizing experience. Our company offers cremation services near West Seattle, WA to provide your needs in a courteous and efficient way. 

Because cremation is a practical and even extremely respectable technique, it has already gained acceptance among people of all religious backgrounds among Filipino-Chinese people. As you may be more flexible with where and when you have a funeral, cremation has grown to be a popular choice for many individuals. Before a cremation or at any other time, you may have a traditional funeral ceremony with or without the urn. The urn may be kept, the ashes may be dispersed, or the urn may be buried in a cemetery or columbarium where a memorial ceremony might well be held.  

Our cremation service company is ready to provide you with a meaningful ceremony All professional services are provided on site, including cremation. To everyone who seeks our service, we consistently and reliably provide support. Furthermore, to consistently uphold the integrity and ideals we have acquired throughout the duration of the firm, we specialize in providing warmth to our guests. We continuously innovate based on new developments and optimize for changes. 

As we understand that this is the toughest phase anyone could have, our company’s compassionate and knowledgeable staff can help you plan a cremation service for your loved one. In addition, we’ll carefully guide you through every decision you’ll have to make as we enlisted suggested cremation services for you to choose: traditional funeral service & cremation, simple funeral service & cremation, memorial service & cremation, visitation before cremation, and cremation & graveside inurnment service. 

cremation services West Seattle, WA

Each service has designated prices provided (ranging from $200 – $25,995) such as in basic services of funeral director, staff and overheard: conducting the arrangements conference, planning the funeral, consulting with family and clergy, shelter of remains, preparing and filing of necessary notices, obtaining necessary authorizations and permits, coordinating with the cemetery, crematory and other third parties. Extra services are also offered such as alkaline-hydrolysis upgrade, and witness cremation at any time other than 10 a.m., with prices ranging from $250 – $500. Customization and personalization of services can also be done, following four (4) steps: Step One – Disposition Type, Step Two – Care and transportation of remains, Step Three – Services & Ceremony, and Step Four – Merchandise. 

Your perception of the world and its meaning becomes distorted after losing a loved one. Although it is challenging, getting over this experience and sensation is not impossible. Saying your final goodbyes and pay respect in the right way is one of the things to do in order to get over the sadness of loss. Providing the service that you need at any time, visit our cremating services at West Seattle, WA and allow us to lend a hand in honoring the death of your loved one 

We will always be pleased to serve you. So, contact us or send us a message through email. We’ll get in touch with you immediately and 24/7.