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What Should I Know Before Deciding on Cremation?

Whether you’re arranging a funeral now or considering your options for the future, cremation or burial should be a primary consideration. You’ve definitely heard of cremation, but you may have questions about its details. How does cremation work? What does it mean to choose it for a loved one or for yourself? Would cremation be the most suitable choice for you? After choosing cremation, what other decisions will you need to make? There are a variety of questions that may arise, so continue reading to learn more. Anyway, our cremation services near Bellevue, WA are also here to help you out.

What exactly is cremation?

In simple terms, cremation is one way to dispose of a deceased person’s body. Cremation is typically less expensive than a regular burial, which contributes to its rising popularity worldwide. Unlike burial, in which the deceased is placed in a casket or coffin and buried in the ground or housed in a mausoleum, cremation involves the transformation of the deceased’s bones into ashes using a fire- or liquid-based procedure.

How cremation works?

High temperatures and evaporation reduce a body to its basic elements in cremation. Cremation reduces the body to bone fragments by heating and burning it in a specific container. The residues are converted into ash-like ash after cooling. Then, the family receives the cremated remains, which weigh 3-7 pounds, in an urn or temporary container. Subsequently, they have an option for memorialization.

How long does cremation take?

On average, a cremation takes roughly three hours. This is just an estimate, and actual cremation procedures may differ depending on the service provider and other factors.

What are things to consider when choosing between burial or cremation?

It is a personal decision to choose between burial and cremation. Consider the following factors while determining whether cremation is the best choice.

Respecting the individual. If you are making this decision on behalf of a deceased person who did not leave directions, consider what they would have preferred.

Respecting the living. If you’re planning for yourself, you may select cremation for a number of reasons, including that you want your ashes to be scattered or stored with family so that they do not have to visit a cemetery. If you are planning for a loved one and they have not given specific instructions, it is not selfish at all to consider your own preferences and requirements.

Respecting the environment. You may believe that burial is more environmentally friendly than cremation, however this is not always the case. Cremation costs a great deal of energy and does release chemicals into the environment, but many experts believe it is a more environmentally-friendly option than, for example, embalming and traditional burial.

Respecting religious beliefs. If religion is a significant part, it should be considered prior to selecting cremation, as certain religious traditions have strong beliefs about the subject.

What if cremation isn’t right for me?

The concept of cremation may not be acceptable to all people. If this is the case, there are a number of burial choices that can be made in advance to guarantee that your intentions are followed through.

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