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Writing Thank You Cards After Cremation Services

You may notice that a lot of different people come out of the woodwork to support you when you lose a loved one. As you plan and implement the cremation services in Tukwila, WA, you will get sympathy cards, memorial money, flowers, food delivered to your home, gift baskets, and lots of other things. These gifts are thoughtful gestures and some of your friends might also offer to do things to help you through this hard time. These people are trying to support you and you are grateful for their help. You may want to reach out to them, after the fact, and thank them for their kindness. Use these tips to write those thank you cards when you are ready.

Get The Stationery/Cards

Before you start the process, decide what cards or stationery you are going to use. You can use nice paper or you can get actual thank you cards, or even just blank cards with a nice picture on the outside. You don’t have to buy something specifically for each person, but rather get a large pack of something that you can send to everyone to make it easier on you.

Organize The List And Track Early

As people start sending things and doing things for you that you are going to want to remember later, start a list in a notebook that you can have with you to keep track. You may feel like you are in a fog and it can get hard to remember who did what or who sent what later. So, when someone brings a meal, write down their name and what they brought on the list so you can refer to it later. If they send money in a card, note their return address as well to make writing that card simpler.

Write A Few At A Time

Once you have collected most of what you think will come in and the cremation and memorial services are behind you, you may want to start writing the thank you cards. Don’t feel like you have to sit down and write dozens of cards at a time. That’s hard on your hand and can be emotionally taxing as well. Plus, you want to customize the cards and you might feel like you are saying the same thing over and over again. Commit to writing a few each day, or a couple in the morning and a couple at night, and you will get through them in time.

cremation services in Tukwila, WA

Distribute The Work

Don’t feel like you have to write all of the cards when there are other family members involved in the grieving process as well. If someone sent something specifically to you, you will want to be the one to thank them. But if someone sent a memorial gift to the family, you can ask other family members to help in writing those thank you cards.

If you need more advice on writing thank you cards, the professionals that helped with the cremation services in Tukwila, WA are here to help.