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Sympathy Gift Options for Cremation Services

When you are going to attend cremation services in West Seattle, WA to support a friend who has lost a loved one, you might feel like you want to bring some kind of sympathy gift. There are plenty of options that can work well. And, keep in mind, if you attend the service, that says a lot to the person you care about as well. Here are some ideas for sympathy gifts that people often offer for cremation services.

Meals For The Family

One of the popular things to do is bring a meal to the family. You can offer to help with the reception, if they are having one, or you can simply take a meal to the family in the week around the cremation service or even beyond that. Take something they can freeze if they don’t need it right away and put it in a container they don’t have to return so it’s one less thing for them to worry about. Families that are in the grieving process often have a hard time taking care of basic things and having meals already prepared for them can be a big help.

Flowers For Service Décor

You want your friend’s loved one’s cremation service to look nice and be everything they want it to be. You can get some flowers for their loved one’s service to serve as a decoration. Making the venue look nice in their honor can mean a lot to their friend. You could even get a plant, like a peace lily, that your friend can take home with them. They will remember your support and their loved one all at the same time when they water that plant.

Gift Baskets For Comfort

There are tons of customized things you can do with a gift basket to support your friend. You know that person well and you know what kinds of things they might appreciate to honor their loved one. You could get them a book from their favorite author that just came out with something new. You can include bubble bath to help them relax. Snack items are always nice as well. There are plenty of options and you can make it personal for your friend and their situation.cremation services in West Seattle, WA

Cards And Money

There’s nothing wrong with going for something standard, like a sympathy card with some money in it. The card can show your support and let you write a few kind words about how you have been thinking of them during this hard time. And the money can help them pay for the memorial they are having or be something they use to honor their loved one through a donation. Either is much appreciated.

When you are going to attend cremation services in West Seattle, WA to support a friend, your presence can say plenty and really is the most important gift. But if you want to bring something else, the professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory can help you with ideas and options.