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Common Misconceptions About Mercer Island, WA Cremation Services

Cremation is gaining in popularity among people who are looking for a lower-cost alternative to burial that gives them more freedom to develop their own memorial plans. But when we talk to clients, we often find that they don’t know how cremation services in Mercer Island, WA have evolved. That’s why at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory, we’ve put together this blog post to clear up some of the most common misconceptions.

Misconception #1 – Cremation Is a Small Industry Compared to Burial

It surprises many people to learn that cremation is more popular in the United States than burial, and is the most common option for handling remains. This is for a number of reasons, including the difficulty of finding burial space and the higher costs of burial. Cremation also gives people the chance to schedule memorials at their pace with no rush to bury, and offers more creative options for celebrating the deceased.

Misconception #2 – Cremation Is a No-Frills Option

As more funeral homes are adding their own cremation programs, cremation is evolving far beyond a simple program that cremates remains. While we do offer a basic cremation program that returns the remains to you quickly and lets you take over from there, we also offer a full memorial program paired with cremation. You’ll get full use of our facilities with options for visitation and viewing, along with a memorial service before or after the cremation.

Misconception #3 – Cremation Is Bad for the Environment

While cremators are powerful ovens that burn up to 1800 degrees fahrenheit, a new option is available for those who want a more environmentally friendly option. Aquamation takes a natural alkaline solution and heats it up gently to around three hundred degrees fahrenheit, which speeds up the body’s natural decay process. The body is reduced to mineral ash in eight hours, compared to three hours for standard cremation.

Misconception #4 – An Urn Is the Only Place to Keep Cremation Ashes

The classic cremation urn is still the most common place to keep remains, and new urns are designed to be more stable and durable to prevent those unfortunate spills. But more options are available for families that want a creative option. This includes splitting the ashes between smaller urns or into vials that can be carried on a person, or converting them into creative options like diamonds, fireworks, or ink.

Misconception #5 – Scattering Ashes Is Regulated

This depends on where you want to scatter the ashes, but as cremation ashes are sterile, you should have the right to distribute them at a meaningful location for your loved one. Any private park or lake should be an ideal location, unless it’s under special protection. Check with your local authorities if you have concerns, but spreading ashes in public places is legal. If you have a private location in mind, check with the property owner.

The market for cremation services in Mercer Island, WA is growing every day, and we’re ready to address your wishes and work with you to develop a perfect tribute to your loved one. Contact Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory for more information or to set up a consultation today.