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Budgeting For Cremation Memorial Services

When you are trying to figure out what you want for your own cremation services in West Seattle, WA, or you have to plan for a loved one who has passed on, it’s important to budget your way through the planning process so you don’t end up with charges that are way above and beyond what you can afford. Here are some tips to help you figure out what you need to get, and how much you can spend on each thing.

Organize Items

There are several things that you are going to need for a memorial service and you might want to organize the items, separate them out, and decide how much of the budget goes to each. For example, if you want to have an urn for your loved one, you will want to have that as part of the budget. You might put food in the budget as well as chairs if you need to rent some, decorations, or other such things.

Describe What Is Needed

Putting ‘chairs’ or ‘an urn’ on the list of things you need to budget for is a start, but you need to know more about what you want in order to truly budget for it. One urn can cost very little while another costs a lot. What do you want in the urn? How many chairs do you need and what style do you want to rent? Describe the items you want and need to make it easier to find the right thing at a price point that works for your budget.

Figure Out Amount Necessary

It’s a good idea to take each thing you are going to need and figure out what a relatively reasonable budget is for that item. You don’t want to budget something way lower than you can get anything for. Look up some urns, chair rentals, food options, and so on and see what amounts are reasonable. Then, you can set a budget that will actually be worthwhile for your purposes.

Estimate Final Costs

Once you know the cost ranges, you can estimate what you need for each and set a budget. That will help you have a generic final cost range that will help you to gather the money you need, whether you have it in savings or you need to ask loved ones to help.

cremation services in West Seattle, WA

Figure Out Real Costs

As you choose items within each budget price range, you will build the final costs and figure out what you are going to end up with. Some things may cost at the top of the budget range you set for that item while other things might cost closer to the bottom of the range. You won’t have an exact number until everything is in place.

When you are ready for memorial services after cremation services in West Seattle, WA, the professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory are there to help you through the ideas and options, including the various prices that you need to figure out for your budget.

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Customizing Funeral Home Memorial Services

When you are trying to decide what to do with a loved one, funeral homes in West Seattle, WA are there to help you with the details from start to finish. But you want to ensure that you are able to do something customized and special for your loved one. There are plenty of service options to consider and the packages will help you get a basis of the things you need for your loved one. But it’s important to make the services special so they feel like they suit your loved one’s style. You want to have the service that feels just like them. Here are a few things you can do to customize funeral or memorial services.

Add Decorations

When you are working on the space for the service, the funeral home has lots of options. You can decorate those rooms however you want. You can also have the memorial service in another location, like outside in a park, in a family home, or wherever else you want that would feel special for everyone who attends. Decorations in certain colors or with certain items on them can make the day feel that much more customized and special.

Set Up A Memory Table

You want to remind everyone why they are there and who they are honoring. Setting up a memory table that shows pictures and items your loved one liked can help everyone get in the right mindset and remember special times with your loved one. There’s no denying who they are there for when they see all of those special things.

Share A Video Of Pictures

The memorial video is often one of the most special things about a service. Put together a video with pictures, music, and perhaps even some video clips. You can have it playing in the background of the service continually, or you might have it as a part of the service so everyone can watch at the same time. You may even want to make copies of the video so people can take it home with them to watch it again another time.

funeral homes in West Seattle, WA

Put Out Special Food

What foods did your loved one adore? You can make the day even more customized by putting out some of the foods they liked to remind everyone of them. If they couldn’t get enough pizza, there’s nothing wrong with getting some pies for everyone to adore. If they were a dessert lover, have a dessert buffet. It can make the day feel that much more customized.


When you are working with funeral homes in West Seattle, WA on final services, the professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory are here to offer ideas and suggestions that can help you customize each part of the process for your loved one and your family members. Even if you do the same things someone else has done, it will be special because it honors your particular loved one. And you can make the day even more unique by customizing certain options.

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When You Might Feel Better About Cremation Services

When you lose a loved one, it can be hard to decide on cremation services in Bellevue, WA on their behalf if you didn’t know what they would have wanted. But there are certain circumstances that might make you feel better about that option over a traditional burial. Here are a few to consider. 


Your Loved One Was Disfigured 

If your loved one was in an accident that left their body disfigured, you might not want to have an open casket at a funeral anyway. That can make you feel good about cremation as the better option. You don’t have to worry about the state of their body in any way. You can cremate them and remember them for the wonderful person they were before the accident. 


Your Loved One Suffered A Long Illness 

If your loved one’s body wasn’t very good to them in that they had a long illness, you might want to rid them of their body entirely by going with cremation. Their body was riddled with an illness and you want that illness to be completely eradicated through the cremation process. It can be a cathartic way for you to rid them of the illness and let them go in peace. 


You Want To Remember Your Loved One As They Were 

It is helpful for the closure process, for some people, to see their loved one in the casket. You can easily recognize that the person is gone and not coming back. It is also a chance to say a final goodbye. However, not everyone likes to see the person they loved in that state. They are never going to look exactly the same as when they were alive. If you want to remember them how they were during their life, cremation might feel like the better fit for you. Go ahead with cremation and you can place pictures of them in their prime around the service and remember them that way. 


Your Loved One Wanted Cremation 

cremation services in Bellevue, WA

Whether you want cremation for your loved one or not, if you know they preferred that as their final disposition method, it will make you feel good about using the option on their behalf. You want to make sure their needs are met and you want to go along with their final wishes. 


When you are trying to decide what kind of services to have for your loved onecremation services in Bellevue, WA are an honorable, respectful choice to make. You might feel good about that option in certain circumstances and it might feel like the perfect fit for your loved one’s situation. At Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory, we aren’t going to make any decisions for you, but we will offer you idea and options until you make a choice for your family. Then, we will support your plans with compassion and carry them out however you see fit. We want you to be able to honor your loved one in the way you want.

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What Can You Ask Of A Funeral Home?

If you have never had to work with funeral homes in Bellevue, WA before, it can be a hard experience. You have lost a loved one and you are trying to plan their final services while grieving and dealing with all of the emotions that come with that. If you are using the professionals to their fullest, that can help, but you might not know what you can ask of a funeral home. Here are a few things you can most certainly ask. 



The funeral home professionals are there for you, every step of the way. They want to support you with compassion the whole time. You can ask anything of them…anything at all. There might be some things that they can’t do, and they will let you know that. They will advise you as to who can help you with those requests, or they will tell you why they can’t perform the tasks you have asked about. But there’s no shame in asking and seeing what they can do if you aren’t sure. 


Help Distributing Flowers 

After the services are over, the funeral home is still there to help you with tasks to wrap things up. You may have ordered flowers yourself and there might be plenty that people have sent to the funeral home for the services. You need to figure out what to do with those flowers and the professionals can help. You can tell them who gets what arrangement and they will make sure those people take those flower home with them. If there are left over items that no one wants to keep, you can direct the funeral home as to where you want the flowers taken for donation and they can do that for you as well. 

funeral homes in Bellevue, WA


Advice On Grief Resources 

Funeral homes deal with final services all of the time and they have a lot of expertise on grieving as well. If you want extra help, or you know someone in your family that needs it, you can ask the funeral home for advice. If you are looking for a grief counselor, they can give you names, references, and opinions on which counselor is the best for your situation. If you’d like to be set up with a grief support group, they can tell you when and where those groups meet and which one might meet your needs and so on. 


The funeral homes in Bellevue, WA are filled with compassionate people who truly want to help you through one of the hardest times you’ll go through around the death of a family member. If you aren’t sure what they can or will do for you during the process, it’s okay to ask. If there are certain things they don’t cover, they will help you figure out who can help you and they will allow you to move forward in the way you feel is best for your loved one and the rest of your family.

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Reasons You Might Choose Cremation Services For Yourself

If you have thought far enough in advance, you might have a will prepared for the future. It’s a good idea to have things ready for that time when your family will need to know your wishes after you pass on. You might also think even further than that and plan your own final services with a funeral home. If you are considering that, you will want to decide whether you want a traditional funeral and burial or cremation services in Tukwila, WA.  Here are a few reasons why you might choose cremation over a burial. 


Reason 1: You Like The Price 

Cremation is always going to cost less than a traditional funeral and burial. There are far fewer products and services needed for a cremation, so there is less you have to pay for. You might like that price because you want to pay for your services in advance and the smaller price makes it easier for you to do so. You might also like the smaller price because you aren’t going to pay ahead and the less expensive option will make it easier for your family to pay in the future. 


Reason 2: You Want A Certain Final Resting Place 

If you go with a traditional funeral and burial, the final resting place is a plot in the cemetery. If that’s not what you want, then cremation is a good option for you to consider instead. You can have whatever final resting place you want if you go with cremation. You can ask your loves ones to keep your ashes in an urn at home. You can have them scatter the ashes in a certain location. Cremation opens the options and lets you dictate what your final resting place will be. 


Reason 3: To Remove The Timeline 

As you think about what kind of service you want for yourself when you pass on, you might realize that you really want your family to all be together. It can take time to plan and time for your family to travel to the right location. Using cremation takes the timeline away from the memorial service to make those things easier on your family. They can have your cremation done and then set a date for the memorial service so everyone can plan their travels and attend without too much trouble. 


cremation services in Tukwila, WA

There are plenty of other reasons why you might choose cremation services in Tukwila, WA and any reason that seems valid to you is a good one to choose. It can help to have reasons behind your decisions because when you talk to your family, you can tell them what you are thinking and why, which can help them understand your choices. The professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory will take whatever decisions you make and support them so you will feel good about the options you are choosing. We’ll write up the plans and hold onto them for the future when you need to use them.

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Funeral Home Advice For Budget-Friendly Services

It’s always hard to lose a loved one, but it can feel even harder when you lose someone and the budget you have for their services with funeral homes in Tukwila, WA is on the small side. Don’t worry, though. You can get your loved one what they need and keep your budget intact. The professionals have plenty of tips for you to help you get what your family needs at the right price. Here are a few to consider. 

Tip 1: Don’t Order Extra Flowers 

When you have a funeral or memorial service, you know that the most popular gift for people to send is flowers. While you can order arrangements yourself to decorate the room, you can also skip that part and just let the arrangements that other people send act as the decorations. You know there will be at least some and you can save money and stick to your budget by avoiding that cost. 

Tip 2: Consider Something Short 

While you can have a full funeral or memorial service, if you skip the larger part and go right to the end, you can save money and still honor your loved one. For example, have a direct burial service without having something in the funeral home and that can save you money. Skip right to the ash scattering and avoid having to pay for a more elaborate service. Your loved one still gets what they need and you are able to pay less and afford the option. 

Tip 3: Consider Methods 

Traditional burials are always going to cost more than cremation services. If you really need to save on a tight budget, you could automatically drift toward cremation. It costs less because there are fewer products and services involved in the process. You don’t have to buy a casket, a burial plot, or a headstone, among other things. It’s perfectly fine to go with cremation because of costs. It’s an honorable and respectful method that allows your loved one to get what they need.

Tip 4: Listen To Professional Advice 

funeral homes in Tukwila, WA

When you are working with professionals at the funeral home, you know they are doing their best to help you every step of the way. If you let them in on the budget restraints you have, they will offer you advice and options that you can afford so you are able to get what you need and stay within those parameters. 

When you have to plan services with funeral homes in Tukwila, WA for a loved one who has passed on, it is hard to recognize that you don’t have endless funds to spend on their services. You want your loved one to get everything they need, and they still can, even on a limited budget. The professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory are here to help you ensure your loved one’s needs are met, no matter what amount you have to spend on the process. Our support and compassion is here for you the whole way through.

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Keeping Safe Around Cremation Services

While there’s hope on the horizon that the pandemic will someday be a thing of the past, while in the thick of things, it’s better to think about safety when you are planning cremation services in West Seattle, WA. You’ve already lost a loved one. The last thing you want to do is hear that anyone got sick because of the services you had for that person. There are lots of ways you can keep yourself and other safe while honoring someone who passed on. Here are a few tips.

1-Plan Online

To limit your own exposure and the amount of meetings you have to have, you could plan at least some of the service online. There’s always going to be paperwork to fill out and while you might have to meet with the funeral home at some point, those visits can be shorter if you are able to do a lion’s share of the work online, away from others.

2-Outdoor Service Options

While outdoor services aren’t always ideal in this area of the country, you could have something short or wait for the time of year that would be nice enough to be outside. Having the outdoor service may allow you to invite more people and allow them to be more spaced out and safe with the fresh air all around everyone.

3-Limit Numbers

If you want to have a memorial in a church or even in a family home, you should limit the numbers of people that are gathering in that location. You can always have another larger service later as cremation doesn’t prevent you from doing more services whenever you want to hold them.

4-Consider Livestreaming

If you have some older people in your family who you want to protect, or some with health concerns that absolutely cannot be exposed, consider livestreaming whatever cremation service you choose to have. You can set them up with a device so they can watch the services and participate as best they can from the safety of their own home. Everyone can see what is going on as it is happening and not be left out just because they want to stay where they are safest and most comfortable.

cremation services in West Seattle, WA

There are plenty of other things you can do to hold cremation services in West Seattle, WA in a safe manner and the professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory are here to help. When things went downhill last year, we worked very hard and very quickly to accommodate clients who still had loved ones that needed attention and honoring services. We have adapted and have plenty of options to consider. There are some industries that can shut down and wait it out. Ours is not one of them. We are still here working hard for you to give your loved one the services they need after they pass on. You can trust them in our hands, and you can trust us for advice on how to keep the rest of your family safe.

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Different Cremation Services Funeral Homes Offer

When you work with funeral homes in West Seattle, WA on final services, the first decision you will make is whether you want a funeral or cremation service for your loved one. As you consider your options, it’s good to know that there are lots of different cremation services offered. These types of services are very flexible and can make it easier to plan since the timeline on the services goes away once the cremation is complete. Here are some of the main choices that funeral homes offer in relation to cremation services.

Full Cremation Services

These services feel a lot more traditional because they proceed with a visitation and funeral first, followed by cremation after those services are complete. Your family gets the closure they need through the visitation and they can have a traditional service with readings, music, poems, and so on. If some people in the family want a funeral while others want cremation, this is a nice way to reach a compromise. The funeral moves forward, and the cremation waits till after. Then, you can decide on the best final resting place.

Direct Cremation Services

Direct Cremation services take place a lot faster than full cremation services because they happen soon after death. All the family has to do is get the death certificate and sign cremation consent forms and the cremation can take place. But just because the body is cremated quickly, that doesn’t mean family members can’t have services later. In fact, the family can have any kind of service they want after the cremation happens. Most families like to have a memorial service, but there are many different types of services. The family can have a memorial that feels like a funeral, one that is a bit more light0hearted, or even a celebration of life. They can even have an ash scattering ceremony, either in addition to the other service, or on its own.

There are decisions to make about cremation once you decide that’s the direction you want to go. The majority of clients go with direct cremation and plan whatever kind of services they want afterwards, but that’s not the ideal option for everyone. You need to do what you feel is best for your family and the situation you are in. When you make a decision, the professionals will stand behind you and support the choices you have made.

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If you want to learn more about the cremation options and the different services and resting places that could be chosen, funeral homes in West Seattle, WA are here to help. We understand that planning services for a loved one is tough and it’s even harder to get things right when you aren’t sure what they would have wanted. We’ll show you the options and give you the compassion you need to get through these tough times. Contact the professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory and we can walk you through any part of the process you need help with and then some.

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Exploring The Cremation Service Option

Cremation services in Bellevue, WA are becoming more popular today than ever before, even though they have been utilized for thousands of years. Even so, that doesn’t mean you have ever had the chance to use them or plan such services before. When you are thinking about your own final services, or if you are planning services for a loved one and you want to explore the cremation service option, the professionals are there for you.

When you work with a funeral home and cremation provider, they are always happy to discuss whatever services you want to know about in great detail. Making decisions in any case is important and if you are seriously considering what is the best for your situation, you want all of the details. You might be curious about some parts of the process or, you just want to know what you feel about everything. You can’t get a true read on the whole thing until you have all of the details.

Once you know everything you want to know about cremation, then if you choose it, you won’t have doubts. You will know it’s what you want. You want to know how it works, how much it costs, what the options are around it and so on. While you can get many of the details from the funeral home and cremation provider, you might also want to talk to people who have had cremation done for family members before, or who have perhaps chosen it as their own pre-plans. You can ask them how they felt about how the process went and why they chose that way, if you feel comfortable enough with that person.

The funeral home can also show you different service availabilities and talk to you about the options that people have chosen in the past. Hearing about things you could do with cremation on your side could help you to decide whether or not it is right for you or your family member. There are lots of things that go into the process besides just the cremation and the low cost. Learning more about the options can help you in your thought process a great deal.

Cremation services in Bellevue, WA

When you have to plan final services for a family member, or when you want to plan your own final services in advance for yourself, cremation services in Bellevue, WA are an honorable option. Once you make the decision for cremation, you can feel good about it when you know enough about it to make that choice. The funeral home is there to help you get the information you need so you can make informed decisions. You can make your choices with confidence in knowing all of the details and having all of your questions answered. If you want to look into cremation and have questions, the professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory are here to help you figure out what you might want to do. We can get you the answers you need to make the right choices.

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Choosing The Right Pictures To Use At Funeral Homes

When you work with funeral homes in Bellevue, WA, you want your loved one remembered as they were. That means finding the right pictures for certain parts of the service. You might want a picture for the bulletin you put together that shows the order of events. You may want a picture in the obituary. And also pictures for a memorial display. How can you find the right shots of your loved one to show them in their prime? Here are a few tips to help you figure those things out.

Start By Deciding Between Old And New

While you will want a current picture for the obituary so people will recognize your loved one, you can decide between old or newer pictures for other areas of the service. What do you think your loved one would like? Do they want pictures of recent family vacations? Or would they prefer pictures of their wedding, them with their kids when they were little and so on. On a memorial table, you can even mix and match between the eras.

Browse The Options

Go through your photo albums, pictures your loved one has, and options that family members have available. That will help you to look at a variety of pictures and choose those that highlight your loved one’s personality the most. You want something that will allow you to showcase them in a happy manner and you will likely have plenty of photos from which to choose.

Set Aside Favorites

You might have favorites that you run across as you look. Set those aside as you can choose between them later, include them all in the memorial table, or make a scrapbook of your loved one for your own memorial. These are pictures that show your loved one’s personality and the way they lived their life.

Have Family Members Take A Look

If you can’t decide between certain photos for the bulletin, the obituary, or even the memorial table, you can have family members take a look and give their opinions and votes. That can help to involve more people into the process and it’s also a good way to take some of the pressure off of you to make all of the decisions.

funeral homes in Bellevue, WA

The pictures you pick to use around funeral homes in Bellevue, WA are going to be important to the overall results of the services you have planned. It’s a wonderful way to honor your loved one, show what they were like during their lifetime, and enjoy the overall displays yourself. The professionals at Columbia Funeral Home & Crematory are here to help you figure out all of the details from start to finish, even the pictures. You can bring options to us and we will tell you what might fit in where. Of course, you will get to make the ultimate decisions as to what pictures you will use in any area. It’s going to make the whole service personal and customized.