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Offering Professional Sympathies

It can be one thing to offer sympathy to a friend or family member when someone they know passes on, but you have a different relationship with the people you work with and it might feel awkward to offer sympathies in the same manner. Here are some things you can do to offer professional sympathy around cremation services in West Seattle, WA that a co-worker or employee is arranging for someone in their life.

Have An Office Delegate

Everyone in your office feels badly that your co-worker has lost someone close to them. But you can’t all necessarily take the day off and attend the final service. In fact, it might be overwhelming for the family if you did. Try to delegate that job to one person in the office, perhaps someone they are close with or the leader in their particular area. It is nice to have someone from the office attend the services, but not everyone has to go in order to get the support across.

Keep Things Professional In Tone

When you see your co-worker, you might want to reach out to them, but again, certain things are going to feel awkward to you. Hugging a friend is one thing. Hugging a co-worker in compassion can be another. If you don’t feel right about it, or if there are office policies in place, simply tell them you are sorry for their loss and to let you know if there’s anything you can help with. That can be enough as they will likely be getting their hugs from family members and friends.

Have A Gift From The Office

Many people like to reach out to those who are grieving with a gift of some kind. If everyone in your office sends something, again, that can be overwhelming. Instead, you might want to take up an offering together and send one flower arrangement, one card everyone signs, and one check for a memorial gift. Talk with your office group and see what might work best and then you can send something all together.

Offer Office Help

Another thing you can do is offer to help your co-worker in some way or another. You might tell a friend that you can come mow their grass or run errands for them, but for a co-worker, you might offer practical help around the office instead. Let them know that you can get their paperwork under control while they are gone, call back clients that need immediately answers, and will forward any emails they need to see right away. That kind of help can really give them peace of mind that things are under control while they are away.

cremation services in West Seattle, WA

Check With The Family Later

It’s always nice to check in with your co-worker after a little time has gone by and see how they are doing, whether that’s by phone, through an email, or even in person once they return to the office. They can use all of the support they can get right now through the cremation services in West Seattle, WA.